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Friday, February 20, 2009

More Acting Up with the CBA

Well apparently our CBA, who Jeremy calls "Oscarific", must be family in Maylene's book because he is now getting the business. She is her true self with him and comfortable to act out when he is here. As a family we are really relieved. This is a sign of true healing when she can be "for real" and not just put on the bing (all teeth) smile and then tell us all how much she hates whoever once they are gone.

She acted up last week at day camp too. Can't remember if I blogged that or not? But as I said to Jeremy in a conversation the other day, she can't be better until she can be for real. The fact that she is showing herself out in the community is good stuff. Five year children have bad days, bad moments and they make it known when they are mentally healthy.

Mr. Carter is aging me quickly. He was his "real" self for Oscarific too. He doesn't respect personal space and boundaries, is hyper, doens't listen to instruction and wants to do his own thing. A 5 minute game of red light green light goes bad quickly with those 2. I am just glad to see it go bad for a professional and not the Mommy!

Vivian got her mid-9 week report from school and it was really good, all A's and B's. She has been applying herself more and writing things down in that planner. Good stuff!

Evan's potty training is going well! Now to figure out how to get him to stop clearing the book shelf?

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