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Monday, February 2, 2009

I just love that "you gotta be kidding" duck photo. I think all parents have those moments with their kids. It is a regular phrase that runs through my mind here.

All is well in the land of the loo-loos. M hit the 3 week mark since her last rage. The behaviors that come prior to the rages hit right on cue at 4pm the afternoon before mark 3. We can visibly start to see mood swings. She gets a hyper burst of energy and doesn't know what to do with herself. Starts looking for feed back from the environment with annoying or inappropriate behavior. ex. Hitting Nan in the head with her feet while swinging and then laughing in hysterics. She responded quickly to verbal correction and reminders but was then off to another thing. It took lots of work Sat. evening and Sunday to provide her with re-direction and keep her calm. She did tantrum Sunday night but she did not go into a rage. What is the difference between a tantrum and a rage? Intensity.

Monday was more smooth, with just a little difficulty getting M to sleep.

C is not behaving too well. He has been irritable and hard to settle. E is doing well but just a little clingy. He is now waking up in the night to go potty, wow. V is doing well. She is a little mouthy these days and a bit of a know it all so we are working with that.

Otherwise all is as usual.

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