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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

March Madness (copy and paste)

I am taking a moment to post a link to the bipolar child newsletter on March Madness in bipolar individuals. The time change has never been easy for Maylene or Carter. It is still light when they are getting ready for bed and still dark when it is time to wake up for school. 2009 has been no exception.

Maylene raged twice last week with threats of "I'm going to cut you!" and so forth and biting her arms and leaving teeth prints which I have to send a note to school to explain. Nice. This is after having gone a 7 week period with no rage. Discouraging for sure but we are trying to keep it in perspective.

Her psychiatrist is considering a med change but I am not ready yet. It may be unavoidable but I would rather give March Madness another week and see if we begin to improve. Prayers certainly are appreciated!

Carter is struggling, especially in the morning. Lots of unkind words being used and so forth. But we are maintaining. Oscar's visit is today and our representative from CARD comes Wednesday. Help is on the way!

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jessica bear said...

The time change has been on hard on me, so i can image it's 10 times worse for a child...and even worse for a child with issues already. I agree with you - maybe things will get back to "normal" in a week or so...(what is "normal" anyway? hahaha)

Thinking of you always...Jess