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Monday, March 9, 2009

Not Me Monday

I have been following Not Me Mondays with MckMama and some others and it is such a hoot to hear what other Moms are NOT doing. So I am giving it a go myself!

As we all know Mr. Evan is doing great with the potty training. And on that note we were NOT recently in a public restroom where he most certainly DID NOT say "ut-oh Mama you toot toot your butt!" in a really loud voice. That would be completely embarrassing and gross and I am so glad that did NOT happen to me.

Miss Maylene most certainly DID NOT drop the last of her jelly beans on the floor and I the mother most certainly DID NOT say "just wipe them off and go a head" because I knew that she would NOT have a major melt down. Nope not me! I would never condone such poor parenting!

Carter is so absolutely perfectly well behaved 99.99% of the time that he most certainly DID NOT take 2 and half hours to get out of the front door for school this morning because he did not want to participate in PE. And I most definitely DID NOT pack his clothes into his back pack and announce that his teacher would be dressing him this morning once he arrived at school. And when he threw himself on the ground NOT tantruming I most certainly did not use his bug phobia to my advantage and point out that he should GET UP because he was sitting near ants and dog poop! That would be very wrong and I am sooooo glad that I did NOT do that! Nope Not Me!

And I was not feeling so very discouraged about life with special children that I DID NOT go to the library and choose a number of books on the topics of Asperger's, Behavior, Mood Disorder, and over weight kids. That could be considered panicking and I am so glad that I NEVER ever do that! Nope Not Me!


Wayne said...

the amount of sweets I droped on the floor as a kid was phonominal and if I spelt that word right then it is phonominal. ok enough with the big words,,,,great not me monday

jessica bear said...

You made me laugh out loud, Dawn! The whole Carter/bug thing - I so totally DO NOT do that with Kylie during a stubborn tantrum! lol

Recovering Noah said...

LOL. When we first suspected that our Noah had autism, I went to Barnes & Noble and spent THREE HUNDRED dollars on every single autism book they had. That, plus all the other things we've dealt with/or are dealing with.. well, you should see our bookshelves! Plus, I think my husband is going to ban me from lol