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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tag ... we're it

It has continued to be a crazy week here in loo-loo land. Jeremy and I are attending "behavior I" workshop tonight, taught by an autism specialist. She is actually our case worker for Carter for the CARD (center for autism and related disorders)program. I think I mentioned her before. She has a home visit planned with us for next week and then the following week we attention "behavior II" workshop. So hopefully in no time we will be all set. surrrre.

The CBA Oscar was here Tuesday as usual. He now has the insurance authorization to work with Carter too so he has double duty. Poor guy. He had the kids in the back yard playing a tag type game. They learn social skills and what to do and not do through the game. Well ... Carter and Maylene are only going to hang in there with a "tag" type game for a minimal time before tag turns into wham-o. As the Mom I did mention "I don't really like these kind of games. It usually goes badly." But I figure the guy has a masters degree and tons of experience he knows what he is doing and hey when it goes bad he gets to handle it so no worries. Right on cue Maylene decided that she did not want to be tagged by Vivian. She started screaming and hit Vivian square on the back. As if they had this planned Carter "tagged" Vivian at that moment with the boggy board on the head. Vivian is now screaming and crying "I can't take this anymore!" She ran in the house to her room. I follow her to try to help her. Maylene runs screaming through the house "no one loves me anymore!" And Oscar was dealing with Carter outside. Lovely!

So I help Vivian calm down. Remind her that the little kids were very wrong and that is why Oscar is here to try to help them learn to make better choices blah blah blah. She was doing better and Maylene was dramatically sitting herself in the cool down spot by the front door screaming and crying. I gave her the directive to work on her breathing skills that Oscar had taught her. I gave her a small cup of water because they were all hot well with the running and tagging and all. Once she calmed down I said, "good job calming down, now head on outside with Mr. Oscar because I am sure he is wanting to talk with you." He was still speaking with Carter on the dangers of "tagging with the boggy board."

When Oscar was ready to leave Nan said "you have your hands full here don't ya Oscar?" He said yes I do.

Well Wednesday went down with out a hitch. They all did really well. Today? Not so much. Miss Maylene had trouble this morning and just could not get it together. She did not want to do hair and so no one pushed the issue for the moment but since she knows she has to get her hair done before school she continued to upset herself. She flew into a rage and poor Jeremy was late to work again this week because of a kid having morning issues.

The time change is really difficult for kids with Maylene and Carter's issues. It is hard for a lot of us really but for them it is a whole different thing. Can't wait to see how the rest of the week unfolds.

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jessica bear said...

Sounds (a little!) like my house in the mornings and when we all get home from work/school...I never know what's gonna set Kylie off in the morning - trying to bring her toys (which she knows she's not allowed to do until Fridays) or arguing about what shes going to wear! Then in the evenings, the hunger and tiredness has set in, so - fuggedaboutit!! lol