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Friday, March 27, 2009


Thursday Carter had his evaluation with the psychiatrist who works with Maylene. He diagnosed Carter with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and Anxiety Disorder. Very common co morbid disorders for kids on the spectrum. He did prescribe a med and we are hopeful that it will help.

Carter started at 6:45 this morning with "please don't make me go to school" because of PE. It was 8:50 before we got him out the door. School started at 8:00 am. I sent a note last week with the CBA's suggestions for helping Carter with the PE issue. Those had not been implemented so I have requested a meeting with all involved. That will be next Tuesday. Lovely.

Carter just bites his nails to bits and keeps quiet about what is bothering him at school so it really doesn't make their attention that he is struggling. They combine classes for PE these days, budget cuts and all. So he can have upwards of 50 kids and maybe 2 adults. Lots of opportunity for the little quirky kid with glasses to be picked on. Add the heat and his fear of bugs and apparently it is worth it to him to have a tantrum and not earn any computer time and then have to make restitution by cleaning up what he trashed in the house.

Any who, Miss Maylene was playing aggressively toward another kid (who was bigger mind you) at after care yesterday. Nan witnessed it. She was jerking this kid around by the arm. But thankfully a teacher was right on it this time. Nan heard her say, "We have told you not to do that!" So apparently it must be happening some what frequently but not to a point where they have felt the need to make communication with us at home. This weekend should be interesting!?

All else is okay. We have had a jam packed week of appointments. I took my second workshop for behavior last night. It was informative and good. Have a great weekend all!

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