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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dynamic Duo

Holy Moly Yuck-a-doodle!!! Today I had Upper GI Tract X-Ray with nasty nasty barium swallow! (this site has the low down on the procedure).

I have had difficulty swallowing for years. It's this odd thing where food gets stuck. I have to keep carbonated beverages handy when I eat. The carbonation helps push things along, or whatever is going on in there. I have a new PCP and she sent me to a gastrointerologist who thinks that I have some rare disease causing this. He said there are treatment options but he needs to know that I have it first. Who knows. Something else to schedule and figure out. It isn't terribly serious, more annoying than anything.

I also have had pain in my right side for a little while now. It comes and goes. I had a kidney stone last August and have figured this was the same thing. However they did a second CT scan and did not find a stone. The GI guy said he wanted to see what was going on with my gallbladder. So I also had an ultrasound done today. Those girls are good these days and don't let on to a thing. I don't know if she found something or not but she took a million pictures of the gallbladder or whatever was over there.

What is this Thursday? Okay well Tuesday proved to be the usual situation with Carter and the CBA. He had a major tantrum. He was head butting the poor guy and it was just ugly. Jeremy was here and he was able to stay with the CBA and really observe how he handled Carter so that we can try to copy what he did. I can't go in because Carter or Maylene either one are worse when Mommy is present. They will not work with or listen to the CBA what so ever they just expect Mommy to rescue them. The CBA is very kind and very calm but he stands his ground and does not give.

Poor Oscar is worn out when he leaves here Tuesday night. He will just look at us and say "wow!" I have to say it is nice to see someone else dealing with the issues and not having a magical answer or the off button to these tantrums that our dynamic duo have. That is what Jeremy is calling them these days since they will now tantrum at the same time. It is really nice to have people on board helping us out!

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