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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Gallbladder Polyp

The ultrasound of my abdomen revealed that I have a gallbladder polyp. Okay that's weird. I don't think my GI doc is going to want to do anything about it at this time. I have a follow up appointment with him after I have some other yucky thing done on Thursday. This one involves a tub down my nose and throat and then I get to drink nasty stuff. Yuck.

The Radiologist advised a rescan in 6 months so I am figuring that is what my GI will go with. The scan also showed that my liver is enlarged, which was a surprise since I don't drink much at all.

Miss M has done pretty good over the past week. Other than the usual yelling in the morning about not wanting to get ready. Carter started a low dose of Risperdal last week (following the hole in the wall). So far it seems to be really helping him. He is much less impulsive, has had no tantrums, and seems in much better control of himself. It does not make him sleepy which is a huge shock to everyone. Once he goes to sleep he is sleeping much better though.

Right now he is sick with a cold, ear infection and sore throat. He should be back to school tomorrow. So far Vivian is the only kid who has not been sick with this stuff. She is having a chorus performance at the local Senior Center today. She was very excited about that this morning.

Mr. Evan is turning into a regular rounder as he approaches age 3. He had a regular melt down in the dollar tree yesterday because I took his pool noodle as we waited in the huge check out line because he kept whacking the lady in front of us with the noodle. I told him that he could have the noodle back when we got into the van but all his toddler brain heard was that noise that the grown ups make on Charlie Brown cartoons and hey SHE TOOK MY NOODLE!

Even so it is nice to deal with a neurotypical kid. His tantrum last the usual 5 or 10 minutes normally and life goes on. He will actually go to the time out spot and stay there for his 3 minutes. Sometimes he has to be replaced a few times but usually not.

Well that's life in looloo land for now ...


jessica bear said...

Girl! You need to take of yourself!!

Mom 4 Kids said...

Very true! Pray for me!!! I do you too!!!