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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Follow Up - Student Awards & CBA visit

I just realized that I FAILED to elaborate on Vivian's award. Dang! That means I missed mother of the week award once again! Precious Vivian got student of the month of February for her whole class!!! That is huge and we are so so proud! Her teacher is very pleased with the amount of effort Viv has been putting forth in her school work. She made all A's and B's on her report card this time so it is definitely paying off too!

On to the CBA visit. Miss M is sizing our guy up these days. Consistently every Tuesday she is giving this guy a hard time. Last night she and I sat down to work on her homework together while Oscar worked with Carter on the whole PE issue. More on that in a moment. We were finishing up homework when Oscar approached ready to work with Miss M. Well apparently that did not set well with her. She had Mama's full on attention and was not looking to make a transition. As things play out in our loo loo land at that moment Carter started moving the sofa into the middle of the floor. Yes this is something that happens here right regular.

I went to attend to Carter and Oscar tried to begin a game with Maylene. I directed Carter to help me clean behind the sofa since we had it moved out and all. Carter went to work with the spray bottle and I wiped up. Apparently in Miss M's perspective we were having a grand old time and she did not want to be playing with Oscar. I totally ignored and let Oscar use that Masters degree of his. He had to ignore her as well because she was escalating. Carter and I moved his spray happy self into the bath tub where he could spray to his hearts content, aka waiting for the Benedryl to kick in. Hey people I have doctors orders for the Benedryl.

Meanwhile Miss M is giving Oscar heck. He comes over to me and says, "not sure what's going on here." I said, "well do you think it might have something to do with the fact that Carter is getting my attention?" Oscar said, "I am not sure yet." Moments later (she did not hear our conversation) Miss M screams "I want to help Mommyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!" Bingo. Oscar ditched the game idea for the moment and directed Maylene to ask Mommy if she could help. It only took me a good 6 minutes to find another working spray bottle for the vinegar and water solution! Life sometimes! But then I set her up at the patio doors and she sprayed and wiped to her hearts content.

A little while later Oscar said to me, "you were right." After everyone finished the cleaning extravaganza they were able to move forward with the game. Miss M got board after a little while but she did okay anyway.

Baths and bed time for the little guys went down with out a hitch and then Viv and I watched American Idol.

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