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Monday, March 30, 2009

Not me Not my kids, Monday!

Here are some things I did not do this past week:

I did not lose my bathroom scale under a pile of towels in my bathroom and nearly buy a new one. That did not prompt me to then clean up my bathroom/laundry pit.

In doing so ... I did not clean my bathroom shower in my bra and underwear with the window open, because of the bleach fumes, and think that I saw my creepy neighbor walk by!

I did not "reward" my children into doing what they were supposed to on numerous occasions. Maylene does not get a sucker on the days I wash her hair just for getting in the tub.

I did not fudge Carter's behavior sheet that goes to his teacher because she can be kind of stern and I did not want him to get in trouble and cry, again. That would make me an enabler of some sort.

And ... I did not get a call from my doctor saying that my blood work was NOT ideal and that I needed to exercise, lose weight, and take fish oil! If I did I certainly would not say so publicly. Like on a blog or something.

Nope not me! Not my kids!!!

1 comment:

jessica bear said...

Dawn - the bra/neighbor incident! Too funny!!!
P.S. I do not bribe my kids to make life just a little smoother sometimes, either...hahahaha - which reminds me - did you see the supernanny where the mom pretends to call the police to make the kids cooperate? AH! SO ME!! Poor Kylie is going to grow up petrified of police! But since the show, I have tried not to use that anymore...ahem...