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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fur Real

I am just say'n our fur baby Jasmine is pretty darn cute. Our real kids get all the photo time and so I just thought I'd share this pic of the fur baby. She is such a sweetie! She sleeps with one of the kids every night and runs around guarding them when they are outside. No one told her she is only 7 pounds.

On with the morning: Well, not good. Miss M started showing indicators yesterday that we were headed for a bad time. I even mentioned to the CBA last night that I thought we might have a difficult weekend. She starts getting very difficult in the mornings. We notice that her eating increases and that she has a difficult time getting to sleep. The rages follow next. Well these symptoms appeared yesterday and this morning wham-O! She raged for an hour and a half. Dad was late to work because he is the only one that can handle her when she is raging. But ... life goes on. She did make it to school, he did make it to work and Evan and I are on with our morning.

Hope everyone else is doing well too.

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