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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

And we are off ... the week is underway

So the week is under way here in loo-loo land. Monday was okay. The boys and I went to McDonald's for lunch and the play area because 'the heat, my God the heat' here in Florida is beyond belief! Our small above ground pool out back is so warm it is like bath water.

Viv went to her friend Izzy's house and had a blast playing Rock Band and being away from her little siblings. The play area was nice. Little brother is becoming very social with other kids these days. He is an absolute athlete. Climbs, runs, jumps, slides, bounces, hops, etc. with the big kids with no trouble. An older kid, all of 8, handed Little brother his shoe that he had misplaced and Little Brother says, "Thanks Mister." How cute is that?! The kid looks at me oddly and says, "Did he just call me midget?" So we are working on pronouncing things, the manners were there.

Miss M did great Monday following her extended stand off with Daddy Sunday. Today however she got into it with the CBA. Dad picked Miss M up from camp because Nan was working out of town today, company training. Dad did not remember Miss M's meds. I did not think about it because Nan dispenses the evening med at pick up from camp. So our routine was altered and wham-o ... no meds in her system, Mom busy talking with the CBA and not giving the usual attention to her, the hyper thing started at about 6 pm and my brain said "meds". I asked Dad, he said nope did not give. I got up to get them and before I could hand them out she got irritated at Mr. Carter who picked up her thing of bubbles. We directed Mr. Carter to put them down, he did, she was already gone just that fast. She started the angry crying, followed by throwing objects followed by Mr. CBA directing her to her room to calm down. Welllll that never goes well, although we all agree progress is being made for the long hall in that Miss M is learning that HER actions bring about consequences and that HER actions earn reward and privilege. She went through the screaming, yelling, throwing things at Mr. CBA but she never turned physical which is progress also. Oh, she pulled a new one on us ... she threw up. Mr. CBA cleaned up throw up in my house.

After her melt down/blow up she ate dinner and was ready for bed. Life moved on. Mr. CBA had a LOT of notes, he always does. I said the other day to him, "I guess that is quiet a file you have on "the (our name) kids". He laughed and said, "oh yes."

And tomorrow is a new day.

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