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Friday, June 5, 2009

Camp Mom - Week 1, The Beach

I love these pictures! The one with the 3 of them together is going to be a cherished favorite when they are all grown up. I did not pose them. They just were sitting in the sand playing and watching the waves coming. Viv and Carter are always keeping a watch on that baby brother too. He is such a dare devil and a risk taker that he frequently scares them.

I hope the family enjoys these pics too! Miss M is having a grand old time at her day camp and the kids left at home with Mom are feeling left out. So I am trying to do things that help them feel like they are getting a fun summer too.

The messy clean up for the fun filled time at the beach would not have made for happy happy pictures. Trying to keep Evan from running off while I washed everything and everyone off in the shower before we got into the van was a bit of a challenge. That and the monster headache I am dealing with made for a bit of a snappy Mom. Had to apologize and regroup when I got into the van. A little frosty time at Wendy's and we were all good!

Stay tuned. We are currently hatching dollar tree dino eggs. Their foamy little heads are starting to appear as we are speaking. Yes there will be photos too!

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