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Friday, June 5, 2009

So this morning ...

So this morning a knock knock on the door. "Who is it?" Voice "Sheriff's department." ???

You know how you see those trashy people on the news? The Sheriff's Department knocking at their doors? The toddler runs out in his night shirt and underwear. The chihuahua is yapping. The woman has mascara stains from the day before under her eyes and bed head that could win an award and NO BRA. Have you seen those clips? Well then you have a perfect visual of this morning at my house. Embarrassing!

I mean when the dude at the door says "Sheriff's Department" in a big man voice you don't say hold on a minute while you go and freshen up. You and your no bra, coffee breath self open the door. The toddler runs out in his underwear and the chihuahua does her self appointed job and yaps.

As it turns out the Sheriff man wanted to deliver a witness subpoena to Dad who was not here. I got the honor instead. We had some things stolen and Dad reported it and it ends up the two guys involved had quiet a thing going and any who ... Dad has to testify. More excitement for the loo-loo's cause that's how we roll.

The day is young. There will be more to report for sure. Thus far Miss M is doing AMAZINGLY well. Magic med and med #2 seem to be doing the trick. We have an appointment next Tuesday to visit Dr. Psychiatrist.

I guess in reality Miss M has required two anti psychotic meds all along. The previous med that was the support to magic med was an older first generation med, one of the originals. It is not popular to give those meds. So I think Dr. Psychiatrist had this plan to remove old med and magic med since we were starting to see some backsliding on the regiment we had going. (old med is still on hand for emergency) Introduce med #2 which is specific for aggression and see if that alone would do the trick. Magic Med is more of a mood stabilizer. Sooo a kid with aggression issues related to RAD might be able to be helped with only med #2 but a Bipolar kid who is also healing from RAD may very well need both meds. I really think that he suspected this all along but likes to have the medical proof that Miss M is indeed Bipolar.

He has very detailed notes in Miss M's chart, naturally. And he has said before that if she needs to be admitted for treatment at some point the facility will have his notes to start from.

At any rate she is pleasant, cooperative, happy ... last night Viv and Miss M wanted to play with their Littlest Pet Shop stuff when Miss M came home from camp. Viv got distracted with something in her room and left Miss M hanging. Normally she would be really offended and have hurt feelings which would likely lead to a melt down of undetermined proportion. Instead she came into the living room and kind of started hanging out with me. I thought this was odd since she was supposed to be playing with Viv. I went to investigate. Asked Miss M what was up and she said "Viv is busy, I'm waiting." Again my mind says "Who are you?" and "Please stay!" It was great.

I said to Nan last night that I want to take the girls to Magic Kingdom before the summer is over and I kind of wonder if I should just do it now. Miss M is stable and doing great but in the past it has not lasted. I am concerned if I wait this roller coaster ride will be heading down hill.

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