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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Camp Mom - Week 4

This week at camp Mom:


Grocery Shopping
Big Sis to Izzy's house

Big Sis roller skating with Izzy and family
Mr. Carter had some good moment but mostly life was a
BIG struggle, by Friday Mom was fried.
Playing in the Pool
little Bro Evan was a delight ... and also had a Time Out or two

and late night naps on the sofa when we could not sleep


Was mainly okay. Mr. Carter still struggling, off and on. Planned to go to the local pool, got rained out. Went to the movies instead. Mr. Carter does not like the movie theater, "Too loud." So he and little bro stayed home with Nan and did fun stuff and then went shopping at Big Lots. He bought a mini letter board and his world was right again.

We went to see the movie UP. I don't recommend it for younger kids. The story line was wonderful and deep and tearful at moments. Big Sis got it, Miss M did not. Thank goodness for popcorn and candy which kept a certain 6 year old busy. Parts of it were scary for sensitive younger kids.

I will leave it at that for now.

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