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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Stability ...

Things seem to be going pretty well here in loo-loo land. Miss M has done well since returning from Grandma's house. Tuesday night while the CBA was here she had some minor upsets. As the evening went on she got emotional with what seemed like random crying spells. Her perceptual difficulty was definitely playing a part.

With the CBA she perceived that Carter had 2 turns, he did not. So she felt slighted and went crying out of the room. In part I think that the buzz of the house was confusing for her. Dad and Viv had just returned home from their camping trip. The buzz was all about what fun they had and what they did. Pictures were put up on the computer. The CBA was interested and talking about their trip too. Wait a minute. Where was the focus on Miss M? Ahh? Perceptual difficulties. She had a wonderful day too. At camp she had been swimming at a local pool. One of her favorite activities. After that they had an ice cream party at camp and she made a new bestest friend. So being able to balance that she had done her own fun things while the focus was on what Dad and Viv had done which she was not a part of gets to be a little tricky for her.

Now she did not seem bothered by the fact that Carter and Evan went to Disney with out her. Why? Because the focus was on the giant sucker they picked out for her. She was given the sucker to hold and eat and she carried it around with her all evening. It was a yucky mess by bath time.

She did not want to get her bath. Hey if you are already peeved that someone else did something that you didn't why would you want to get a bath? But if you have stinky feet and camp tomorrow ... what's a Mom to do? We made it super quick but she just did not want to go with it. She had what I call a crying tantrum. We zig-zagged between giving her direction like "go a head and get up in your bed" and giving her space to attempt to calm down.

She was very tired. The CBA visit runs into our kids normal bedtime. By 7 pm they are watching a movie in their bed and Miss M is asleep by 7:30. The CBA was still here at 7:10.

But the point is that she never escalated. That whole scene can go very differently if she is not chemically stable. It appears that the med duo is working out, for now. Stability does not seem to be a place that we visit for too long, but we enjoy it while we are there.

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