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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Med-a-coaster ...

get me off this thing!!!

Well we are doing the med-a-coaster ride with Mr. C at the moment. As I posted before this new med does NOT seem to agree with Mr. C but we trust our Psychiatrist completely. He got us to stability Miss M and it was a longgggggggggggg and UNPLESANT road, but we got there.

Monday Dr. Psychiatrist upped the med dose. NOT a good reaction. Tuesday was a very rough day. Called Dr. Psychiatrist and he said no med dose Tuesday and for Wednesday give Mr. C half the original med dose. None of us feel this med is going to be the ticket but we have to explore it from all options (dosing wise) to know that. Not the most pleasant thing for Mr. C or his family/punching bag.

Yesterday he blew loose 30 minutes before the CBA was supposed to arrive. I had to call Dad who happened to be close by to come home. Mr. C is very strong and my back is on shaky ground at the moment as it is, but that's another post. Dad arrived at 5 pm and Mr. C was going strong. Dad directed him to his room because he wasn't being safe. Dad helped him get there. Dad dodged flying objects and helped Mr. C stay put until Mr. CBA arrived at 5:10 pm. By 5:20 pm Dr. Psychiatrist called with the new med instructions and Mr. C was beginning to calm down. NOT becoming pleasant by any means but no longer explosive. The rest of the evening was a challenge but Mr. C went to sleep at 8 pm.

Miss M is on her good week in the BP cycle. We like this week. She is cooperative, happy as a clam, okay so she is picking her shoes apart at some point during the day at camp but we aren't asking for perfection here. I really can't say what the clothing destruction thing is, I am not in that head of hers. Remember that in Kindergarten she got into the habit of cutting up her clothes with scissors. This is the second pair of shoes that she has destroyed. I just get out my needle and thread and sew them up. I don't buy her expensive shoes so that it is not a huge problem and this too shall pass. I found a great pair of adidas girl shoes in Miss M size at the goodwill. They will be her starting back to school shoes. Those adidas are pretty sturdy so I hope to slow the shoe destruction process.

There are things that we take the opportunity to learn responsibility. Poop in the pants at age 6 is one of those things. A little vinegar water and a scrub brush and we clean our underwear that we pooped in. Not a big deal, just taking responsibility. But making an issue of each and every odd thing back fires with an attention seeker who does not properly discern between positive and negative attention. We learned that the hard way.

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