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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Today Stunk!

The med thing is going badly with Mr. Carter. I am not happy to see him in this state NOR to deal with him in this state. It is impossible to get everything done that must be done around here with an out of control kid. I am mentally exhausted and frankly ready to hurl because of this med-a-coaster we are on.

The med started at 50 mg. 2 days in it didn't look good. I called Psychiatrist he said to move to 100 mg. ?what? But I am just the Mom not the doctor. 1 day of that was enough thank you very much. Called Psychiatrist who said lets skip Tuesdays dose and Wednesday go to 25 mg. Wednesdays behavior with no med dose Tuesday was improved, at least aggression wise. Thursdays behavior NOT GOOD. We are DONE with this med cause Mama says so!

Thank goodness Miss M is holding it together at the moment. Take a number cause it is not your turn to flip out yet, K? She did apparently sneak some gum into camp today in her backpack for swimming. That little planned back fired because another camper stole the gum and of course Miss M saw it. Reported it. Cried about it and was right upset about it as I understand the situation. Camp teachers (who apparently have Miss M's number at this point in time) said they were sorry that happened and the gum taker was addressed however Miss M you are not supposed to bring gum to camp. BUSTED! So yeah that whole scene pretty much ticked her off.

This happened early on in the day. Apparently camper "sticky fingers" moves quick. When Nan picked Miss M up at 5 pm she was all upset relating the situation to Nan. Camp teacher was a little surprised at this because that was all taken care of and had not bothered Miss M all day. Both parents at separate times had the exact same response "then they don't know Miss M very well." At any rate her and Nan got some Micky D's for dinner because I let Nan know there was no way Miss M was going to handle Mr. Carter's stuff well tonight. Our plan worked. Miss M did okay. Mr. Carter not so much.

But ... Tomorrow is a new day. That Annie song "the sun will come up tomorrow" is playing in my head. Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow ...

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