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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Back In The Saddle...Again

Well folks we are up and running. Miss M is doing BEAUTIFUL! She used her words to say that she was "nervous" at school. I inquired as to which part and she further explained "when I was in the building." Did beautifully at home when she got in from aftercare. The CBA was here, she did well with him.

The school sent home some testing scores done at the end of last year and Miss M scored "low intermediate and high intermediate" across all areas - reading, writing, comprehension, etc. I have always advocated that Miss M has some kind of learning delay. She just does not process what goes on around her fully, she misunderstands a lot of things. "Perceptual problems" is what her psychiatrist calls it. They lead to rage. Since this child was 3 I have begged for her to attend a special pre-school program for extra help. Could not get it done. Whole room full of people looking at me like "relax lady". I said in that meeting that Miss M would end up getting by and by the time she was in 1st or 2nd grade she was going to start falling behind. But her darn test scores then were low but not low enough to warrant additional help, other than speech help.

These recent test indicated that she did not do as well as average with either visual or auditory instruction. Something I have also always said. Professionals ask "does she learn best visually or by hearing?" I would say, "neither is her strength, she seems to struggle equally in both areas." As anyway I have a feeling we will be needing additional help for Miss M this year in first grade.

Big Sis Viv had a great 1st day back. She loves who is in her class this year, loves the teacher and additionally her other teachers for math, science and social studies. However, today she woke up with stomach pain. She made it through most of the day but then started throwing up. So I picked her up early and she is resting. I hope this does not mess up her weekend with the Bear Family!

Mr. C is not doing as well. The 1st day back was VERY difficult for him. Way too much change and new routine and new everything. Another student acted up in class regularly and that really bothered him. He has a favorite student in his class and that was good news, they were together in grade K.

Mr. C had a major tantrum with the CBA. The CBA is calm and never raises his voice at all. He gives directives and stands firm with Mr. C. Mr. C was verbal insulting the CBA and even called him "that big dumb fool!" :-0 I was shocked! The stuff that came out of his mouth. This is all new. He was also physically assaulting all of us but more minor than in the past. Today has been better for Mr. C so far. 2:45 pm and counting. So here's hoping we are over the first day hump.

We just can not believe how well Miss M is doing right now. I back and look at the good stuff when things go south. As this is a cycling disorder the negative stuff is likely to return. But we hope for the best. This med combo really seems to be the ticket. Her appetite is normal, she has better bounce back than she has ever had before, she has some nights that she struggles to get to sleep but they aren't problematic. YES WE ARE ALL PROUD OF MISS M!!! You go girl!

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jessica bear said...

Poor, Viv! Hopefully, it was just a little something she ate and all will go well on her trip up here...I still haven't said a word to Serena, so I think this will be our big "suprise" for her! Can't wait! We're excited for her to be here!!!
I'll touch base again with you this week...hugs and kisses to all of you!