The Crew - Miss Fabulous, Lil Bro, Big Sis and Mr. Man

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Flu Boo-Hoo

Well our Viv is a sicky-poo. First week of school she has missed 2 days now. Lovely. And her weekend with the Bear family is a no go. We have had her schoolwork sent home and she is working on that.

Mr. C did very well yesterday and this morning. His new med is at its full prescribed dose. He takes it 3 times a day. This med is a med used for ADHD symptoms that are accompanied by aggression but it is not a stimulant.

Miss M had a upset this morning that very clearly could have gone south but she pulled out of it. Think of an airplane pilot pulling up just before the CRASH. Over all she is still doing well.
Evan loves his time with Mom at home. He rules the roost again!


jessica bear said...

Poor Vivian!! We were so sad to hear how sick she was! :(
Hope she feels better soon!

jessica bear said...

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