The Crew - Miss Fabulous, Lil Bro, Big Sis and Mr. Man

Friday, August 7, 2009

Down One

Well we are down one kid for the weekend. Miss M requested a visit to Grandma's house and so we dropped her off yesterday afternoon. Some pretty neat signs of healing from Miss M have been showing up lately. I don't think I mentioned this but during her last rage (last Saturday) she stopped herself from screaming "I hate you" at her father. She kind of stammered around and said something like "I am not happy with you!"

Yesterday on the way to Grandma she was getting sleepy. I saw her lay her head back to go to sleep and then she sat up and touched Evan's seat belt strap which was in front of her. She seemed to be checking that it was safe. She laid her head down and went to sleep. When I dropped her off she was happy to see Grandma but turned to me and said "When are you picking me up?" I said "Sunday." She smiled and said "okay." She seemed very secure in the whole thing. Of course with a child with her issues it is this delicate dance and so she WILL need to test our love and the security of her situation again. Probably when she gets back home and school starts next week and she realizes camp is over for now. ABANDONMENT issues will no doubt rear their ugly head but for now, good stuff!

Yesterday with the other 3 was less than desirable. I did a little shopping for some back to school clothes. Evan was being 3 and did not want to sit in the stroller. He is pulling against the straps saying "Let me out this thing!" I gave him a toy, gum, keys, you name it. Those things worked for a moment and then he was back at it. We were by the dressing rooms because Mr. C and Viv were trying on their clothes to make sure that they fit. The next thing I knew a rude sails woman is knocking on Viv's dressing room door. I said "Yes." She said "I am waiting for the parent." "I am the parent, my daughter is dressing. What do you need?" The sales woman said "Well who's screaming?" I pointed at Evan right next to me and said "Him, he's 3." She said "Well people are complaining." You know how God had an angel shut the mouth of the lions so that they did not eat Daniel when he was thrown into the pit? I am here to report that those angels are still doing good work because they held my mouth shut long enough for the sales woman to get out of my view.

Well apparently that was like pushing the GO button for my kids because they just kept getting worse from that point on. Whatever help Mr. C's new med may have provided earlier had clearly worn off by this point. His OCD, Anxiety, Asperger's Disorder, ADHD struggles went into overload. I had a cart full of stuff and I didn't know whether to abandon ship or call in back up. Thankfully Dad was close by and was able to come and help - aka get the boys out of the store.