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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mr. C's New Med...

I am afraid to speak this early on but ... Mr. C already seems to be doing better with the start of his new med. This med steps up in dose. We have this elaborate set of directions, so much so the pharmacist had to write it all out on a piece of paper because it would not fit on the bottle. Our Pharmacy is located really close to our house and is a CVS. We have 3 female pharmacist who run that 24 hour pharmacy, 2 or which are Moms. They are so great to us. God knows they know our business! I picked up a med a month or so ago for Miss M and the pharmacist said, "Only one for Miss M?" I am standing there with my embarrassed face, "Just one today."

Back to Mr. C, he slept longer last night and seems to have his wheels spinning in the right direction today. That's a step up from yesterday prior to the med starting. We went and registered at school yesterday. Good grief Charlie Brown! It should not be this difficult. Because we have many children at this school I have a mess of papers to fill out. Obviously very boring stuff for Mr. Busy. So he was a royal toot the whole time accept when his teacher came by, then he straightened up right quick. Kind of with that deer in headlights fear face going on. Any who ... Dad came home and I let him take over dinner handing out and bed time and I went to bed at 7:30 pm.

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