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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I didn't do it, my Mii did it.

As I began to compose this post a kid said those above words, "I didn't do it, my Mii did it." I fits perfectly!

Dad has an AMAZING boss! He really has been so supportive to our family with the issues we have faced and continue to face and when the situation calls for Dad's presence Mr. Boss is very understanding. Yesterday Dad shows up to work and is greeted with a present, a Wii gaming system with Wii fit and Wii sport and Wii games and extra remotes and a charging system! He felt that the whole family could benefit from it and wanted to do something to thank Dad for all his hard work and dedication to the company. So the kids are getting familiar with the system this morning. Vivian is our pro as she has been playing the Wii at the physical therapy office during Carter's sessions.

Secondly ... we had a head injury here in loolooland yesterday. Little Evan is okay but we had to make a trip to the ER. He and Mr. Carter were "playing" in their room while Mom mopped the floor in the living room and somehow a plastic bin was impulsively tossed at Evan's head and the pointy edge caught him in the forehead. It bleed really profusely and I thought it would need a stitch. The doctor opted to glue it together and little Mr. was bee bopping all over the ER room the entire time we were there.

Yes it is going to leave a scar but it should not be too bad.

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jessica bear said...

Fun stuff, that Wii - we still don't have one, but we've been thinking about it...

Poor Evan! Hey - scars look cool and "build character" (like they need any more "character", right?heehee)