The Crew - Miss Fabulous, Lil Bro, Big Sis and Mr. Man

Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Little Red Tricycle

We picked up this vintage tricycle (used), notice the rust on the front fender. This kid is having the time of his life! I did not think he could be more adorable.

But...he is still into his trains just in case you were wondering.
Our friend Topham Hatt.

Miss M is still struggling. Very moody and emotional. Yesterday she exclaimed, "I'm having a bad day today!" She had been to a garage sale and purchased some treasures there. Went to the zoo with Nan and Big Sis. I missed which part was supposed to be the bad day part? Any who...

Miss 10 year old was not looking to have her photo taken, but she worked with me.

The Professor is back to writing books. That's a good sign. His attention had gotten so bad that he could not even focus to do that.

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