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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I am NOT smarter than a 5th grader!

Last night was Open House at the kids’ school. Dad and I went with the kids and Nan stayed home with Lil Bro. We met all the teachers, most of which we had met at school registration and I have been in contact with via e-mail.

The first graders teachers are the right fit for each child. Mr. C's teacher is organized and caring. She was Big Sis's Kindergarten teacher and already has a connection to our family. Watching how uncomfortable Mr. C is in the social aspect of the classroom pulls at Mom's heartstrings but he does well. He has his routine and goes with what makes him comfortable.

When we walked into the classroom I guess a few things looked different. The teacher changed some things to get the class ready for open house. He didn't like that. He walked in and paused and said, "Well that's different." (uncomfortable type laughing) "Yeah that's not the same." But he handled it. The school work is not a struggle for him so check that one off the problem list.

I was trying to review with him for the first grade science test that is coming up, the teacher had sent home a study guide. ex. - What do plants need in order to survive? Mr. C looks at me like I am possibly intelligence challenged, then answers: "Water. Sunshine. Space." I said, "So do you feel like you are prepared for this test?" Mr. C, "Of course."

Okay, moving on.

Miss M flitted around the classroom and gave hugs to kids who didn't want them from her. Odd. She goes through the motions but I didn't see one person that was actually excited to see her or seemed to have a connection with her. One student we saw again in another classroom and so she went through her whole routine again of "Brody!" and attempts at fake type hugs. You know kind of like those people who say "darling" while doing air kisses on each cheek. Brody wasn't buying it and was frankly rude. He snapped, "I've already seen you once." And walked on. She looked offended but shrugged it off. I'm waiting until we have a quiet moment and I will bring it up and talk about it then.

Her teacher seems nice. She is very caring and connected with her classroom of children. Miss M asked if she could play something in the room and teacher said no that it wasn't the time because parents were visiting tonight. I liked that she wasn't a push over. Miss M did fine with the no.

Last year at Open House Miss M raged at school and took off running with Dad and teacher in tow. Although she got ticked a few times and did the whole arm-crossing thing she never came close to losing it. She didn't lose it on the ride home or once we arrived home either. She had her snack and hit the sack. I'm a poet and didn't even know it.

Sometimes because the day to day is so difficult with a kid like her it isn't always easy to see the progress because it is so little by little. There is still much work to be done but we are heading in the right direction.

Now, on to the 5th grade which I am really sure that I probably would not pass if I had to be tested right now. Big Sis's math teacher announced that many parents need refreshers and are not up to date on 5th grade math (amen) and that he has put together explanation video clips on the web site to help parents helping kids. I LIKE THIS MAN!

The science teacher was an older lady and seemed kind of boring to me but Big Sis does okay in Science because it is her favorite. Wants to be a vet ya' know. Her homeroom teacher seems really good and that is who Big Sis has for ready and language arts. The journaling is really involved. The entire 5th grade curriculum is really involved compared to when I was in school.

I am happy to report that I am catching on to the 5th grade math with no real problems, gotta love google. We are currently working on decimals to fractions, fractions to decimals and simplifying fractions.

My mind wanders (regularly) to the future. Helping a bright 5th grader who has a little trouble staying focused is really not difficult. But I am pretty sure that other family members are going to be struggling a bit as the school years go by. Maybe I will have had enough practice and have enough helpful (cheat) web sites tucked away that we will be okay.

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Brenda said...

Thank you for the hug today! I needed that. My kids no longer ask for math help from me after 4th grade. : )