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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ya Wanna Piece of Me?

Ya wanna piece of me? No really he was say
-ing "take a picture of my arm." Why? I don't
ask, I just do.
So we moved this furniture which I bought off
craigs list. It is awesome!

One of our movers got into some trouble in the
back seat. What is on his face? Printer toner.

One of our movers was sleeping on the job. This
definitely calls for a formal write up.
The weekend has gone pretty well. Saturday Miss M raged BUT it was only 15 minutes in duration. She came back to reality quickly and life moved on as normal. She made efforts through out the day and we worked with her by having something always "coming next" to focus on. Frequent earning of rewards too such as a slurpee on the way to the dump and a stop by the park for 15 minutes when our running around was done.
Everyone handled the change of new furniture coming in and the old furniture going out. We made sure they helped move "their" new furniture in and talked about how they would need to clean their couch with a leather conditioner. It helped them take owner ship of the new furniture.
Sunday is a new day...

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