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Friday, September 11, 2009

The Eyes have it.

Yesterday I took Miss M to the pediatrician because of the lingering runny nose that was looking mighty gross. The report is that the ears are clear the lungs are clear and yeah that stuff in her nose is way gross. They tested for flu, negative. Gave antibiotics and cough stuff with codine. Jack-pooootttt! The pediatrician who of course knows all of Miss M's business said, "Don't be tempted to over use this. You'll be tempted I know. But don't." :-) Too funny!
She was obviously edgy, snapping at Lil' Bro and so forth. Once we picked up Mr. C and Big Sis she seemed to struggle even more. Once we walked in the door to home she asked an obvious question, "Can I get in the pool?" I reminded her that we had just come from the doctor office and she was on medicine for her cold so no she could not get in the pool today because she would get more sick and it would put germs in the pool water. The drama started with the flip flopping on the couch and "I'll never be able to get in the pool ever again. You never let me get in the pool." On and on. I gently reminded her that she would definitely be able to go in the pool another day, just not today. Then I walked over and picked up my phone and started making calls to the back up team. She was not looking to calm down she was looking to blow up. With me being the only adult at home (something we have not done in a while) I would have to handle things if she raged. I called Dad and Nan and talked in code to let them know that someone needed to come home. Mean while I got on the phone with my Grandma. Since she doesn't want to blow up around other people keeping someone on the phone (early on) can sometimes help keep the situation from escalating. It worked this time. I stayed on the phone with Grandma until Nan could arrive home. The moment that I said "Grandma" Miss M turned the drama switch off. She watched me like a pacing tiger while I was on the phone. By the time Nan was coming in the door she and Big Sis had decided to go and play babies. Which in it's self is an examply of how she has healed. She can now play babies with her sister normally, that did not used to be the case.
I gave her a bath a little later on. She did the usual, "I don't want a bath." And then oddly enough the kid who never wants to get her hair washed has now turned to demanding that her hair be washed every night. Normally that's just fine but with her head cold I did not want her long hair to be wet with the air conditioning blowing. So I said no. You know Moms do that once and a while. We had mild drama over that but once the water started spraying her she got with the flow, so to speak.
When I was dressing her I asked her about her behavior earlier. She did the shoulder shrug I don't want to talk to you about thing. I persisted gently and she said, "I was just sad." I asked what about and she didn't know. We talked about a better way to handle feeling upset next time.
But in reality I accept that we haven't moved past needing two adults at home at all times when Miss M is home, not yet.
The cold med did not make her sleepy but she went to sleep fairly quickly anyway. This morning she had her appointment to go and get her eye glasses. She had been looking forward to them but I think the reality was not as good. I'm not sure why. I think she may be having trouble adjusting to the eye prescription. Her running slam into a pole as we were leaving kind of tipped me off.
Glasses on...
I hope they work out to be the right prescription. The fact that the doctor changed them when he dilated her eyes and examined them that way makes me curious. We never saw any evidence of her having trouble seeing in real life. Teachers agreed that she never seemed to be having trouble seeing things in class. She never complained of not being able to see well. And then she failed the eye exam at school and again at the pediatrician's office. I think the eye exam process is confusing for her some how. I think she starts guessing because she is confused. But ... they fit infants with eye glasses based on the whole dilated eye examination sooooo I guess they can truly tell what's what by that?

At any rate they are pink (she picked them out) and cute!

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jessica bear said...

They are cute glasses!
sounds like things have calmed down a lot since I've been reading the blog...I know, it still gets crazy, but it is amazing to see/hear about the changes over time...You are such an awesome mom!