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Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Tire Swing

"High Hopes" - Robert David Bretz

As I said in yesterdays post Miss M is doing well overall for a child with her host of issues. Apparently as I was typing those words her spidy senses tingled and she got "a little aggressive with another student over by the tire swing." At school that is. She was not on the tire swing, nor was she involved in what was going on at the tire swing. Did she want to be on the tire swing? Or pushing those who were on the tire swing? No clue. She yelled "Stop doing that" in a aggressive voice at the child who was pushing and when the child did not cooperate she grabbed her and slung her around by the arm. The adults intervened quickly. Miss M stared at them aggressively but quickly came back down to earth and all was well.

I will pick her up early from school today because she is going to get her runny nose checked out. No fever. But this runny yucky nose has been hanging on for a week now and she has now developed a mild cough.

Speaking of illness and injury, my kids seem to need a band-aid for any and all alleged boo-boos. While typing this Lil' Bro bumped his knee on his train track and needed a "band-aids!" Yesterday he bumped his head on the kitchen chair, he walked right into the darn thing. Buddy, how big do these chairs have to be for you to spot the thing? I picked him up and checked him out. I said, "Ah do you need Mommy to kiss-a de boo-boo?" "NO! I needs da band-aids!" Okay. Thank goodness for Curad 94 cent a box band-aids at Wal-Mart.

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