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Friday, September 4, 2009

Kids and Animals

Thanks for the feedback! It was very helpful. We also spoke with Miss M's CBA and he agreed we should address it with the teacher. He recommended a meeting or a letter to explain why we don't feel it is appropriate in Miss M's case. I will let you know how it goes.

The Sun Set was so beautiful last night as I headed out to take Daisy the dog for her evening run. (I ride the bike and she runs.)

When I checked on Miss M last night her guard Chihuahua Chico was at the foot of her bed.

Mr. C and his cat Bella had a lovely moment together when he came home from school yesterday. She is the grumpiest cat known to man. But she loves Mr. C.

Lil' Bro went to sleep sitting with me on the couch last night. Daisy the dog saw this as her opportunity for some cuddles from her favorite boy.

This is not trick photography, she really does smile.

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The LaBelle Family said...

Those pics are ADORABLE and say so much about animal therapy, too. It's so nice that each of the kiddos have their special pet to give them lovin' and vice versa. Priceless!