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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Parallel Life with the Duggars

This afternoon while I was cooking dinner Big Sis got the idea to go on line and print out a play for her and the sibs. Mr. C took that as an opportunity to start writing one of his books. It was so cute. They were totally in to what they were doing and did not even notice that I snapped a shot of the two of them.

On the home front news: Things are going well with Miss M. She seems to be back in the pleasant portion of her mood cycle, right on time. Even though she still cycles we don't see as many extremes in her behavior. The "I'm having a bad day" out burst would have been let me trash the house and rage and and and, ya' know. So we are truly blessed that such medications exist, that we have a psychiatrist who wouldn't give up on her or us, and helpful professionals backing us up.

Dad and I meet with Miss M's teacher Friday after school to discuss the whole "I love you" note on the paper and also to see what extra help we can give her for the areas that we already see her struggling in.

Her CBA was mentioning to me yesterday that he too picks up on the fact that she seems to have a processing delay. She takes longer to process the info coming at her than a typical 6 year old would and she also seems to narrow in on some, but not all of what is said to her. Sometimes what she picked up on is enough to get her the gist of what is being said or explained or communicated to her. But sometimes it isn't. We agree that looking at her school work she probably doesn't understand a good bit of what's going on in class but is darn good at faking her way through. So... we are hoping that Mrs. Teacher can provide us with some insight. At the very least we don't want Miss M slipping through the cracks.


Next - I am totally becoming the Duggars (minus a few dozen kids) "By used and save the difference."

I am posting some pics of our new used van. I felt like a car salesman out in my driveway snapping these pics.

And this is the quiet button. :-)

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jessica bear said...

Too funny that you felt like a car dealer taking the pics!! Oh, what you do for your friends/blog! Hahaha! I miss you!
Very nice (and CLEAN! van, BTW)