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Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Award Goes To!

See the pink hair dooy
that's Miss M watching Mr. C getting his award for
Academic Excellence.

Mr. C standing next to his little friend from class and
the big guy next to them is Mr. C's bestest friend.

Here is Miss M in the pink shirt, again dead center.
Mr. C is in the green shirt with his back to the camera.
She patted his back when he went by to say good job!
Now that's progress!  She didn't trip him or anything.

Here is Miss M with her teacher and class as they left the awards.
She did not get an award this day but she seemed okay with it.

Here is Big Sis after receiving her award for Reading
Something or other.  Can't remember but it was to recognize
her ability in reading.

Since I am posting about school days, check out these cute photos
from pick up Wednesday afternoon.

You can be assured that is a healthy smoothie in that cut.

With Spinach! Yeah that's it, spinach.

Not a McDonald's chocolate shake.

Best joke he ever heard.

Let me kiss that boo boo on your chin from the sliding board
accident you had today.

Here Big Sis finally joins us.  What a sweet face!

So yesterday I took the kids on a bike ride to the park.
1 mile each way.
Have you seen a person with Asperger's on a bike?
Well, it is a challenge for sure.
Throw in tight heal cords from mild CP and ...
I will leave it at challenge.

But the up side to that is kids who biked for 2 miles and
played at the park for an hour with friends
are way tired at bedtime.

These two were snuggled together and out before I even
came in the room for their routine.

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Jeri said...

I see Miss M right behind the girl facing the camera with those glowing eyes! Great job Miss M for being supportive and great job Mr. C and Big Sis for earning them. Great job mama for sneaking spinach into a smoothie and biking.