The Crew - Miss Fabulous, Lil Bro, Big Sis and Mr. Man

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


We had a cold snap here in FL this past weekend.  Monday was still a little chilly but things are coming back to normal [temperature wise] for the rest of the week.  But this picture of Big Sis is so darn cute.  She over reacted just a tad with the cold snap!

Apparently she thought our house was going to convert into an igloo.

Little Bro on the other hand does not want to wear long pants or long sleeves or that stinking coat! He will however be happy to be seen sporting this attractive winter hat which he so lovingly refers to as, "Hey dat my hat. Gimee dat my hat."

Monday morning I had to return the Rug Doctor that we rented Sunday to wash the carpets with. All of the bedrooms have carpet and they take a beating for sure. Anyway it was cold, cause we still be snappin as of Monday, yo. Mr. Man was NOT going to put on the appropriate clothing and I was on a deadline. I had to have the darn machine back by 9 am or we paid for another day. I had not scheduled a toddler meltdown nor had I allotted the proper amount of time for said meltdown.

And since we have an abundance of Grandmother types roaming the streets shopping at Publix, where I had to return said Rug Doctor I knew that if I showed up with this tiny little 3-year-old wearing shorts and a T-shirt with this lovely winter hat then I was with out a doubt going to catch some flack. So what to do? No time for the toddler take down where I wrestle winter clothes on to him and he rips them off proclaiming Noooooooooo with all the passion of Mel Gibson’s battle scene in Braveheart. At which time I am even further out of time AND I now have a toddler wearing Nada.

I did the only logical thing.  I carried the long sleeves and long pants that he was supposed to be wearing in my hand at all times like a GET BACK GRANDMA force field.  So I load up this Rug Doctor into the back of my Mom mobile while loading Lil Bro into the Mom mobile and I am buckling his car seat and he says to me.  Are you ready?  You know it's coming.  He says, "It cold out here Mom!"  You bet buddy, let's roll!

Myself and Lil Bro lug the Rug Doctor into Publix and make it to the return counter with no bullying Grandma interventions hang ups.  Check in is a breeze.  We head out of the store.  ALERT!  Grandmother straight ahead.  She gives me the look and starts to approach when she looks down at the CLOTHES IN MY HAND and says to herself, "Oh, okay."  My force field totally worked!

Apparently when it's cold outside we all get alittle more cuddly too.  Are they cute or what?


Pineapple Princess said...

How cute are they!!!

jessica bear said...

Funny post, Dawn! I MISS YOU!!!