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Thursday, December 10, 2009

The afternoon

Mr. C did better today. He is working toward a pack of Mario Brother cards that cost about 3 bucks. My great debater wanted to negotiate getting them this evening instead of tomorrow after school, no can do Buddy and if you keep on with the complaining I will no that you are not serious about earning them. Lord that ridged and literal thinking of the Asperger's mind can be just as challenging as the RAD stuff. Add to that the brain changes associated with the mild CP and also the ADHD and whoopee are we ready for the weekend?!

Miss M and I did her homework this evening as usual.  She did one comprehension paper totally on her own. It was a 3 sentence informative paragraph about a person, a box of a certain color and a certain day of the week. Boom boom boom no problem went right through that one. The next comprehension paper was the same format but was regarding playing at a park and 2 other key bits of info that I don't remember at the moment. A question asked, "What did they play?" they played ball but Miss M put park, which was where they played. I asked her, "they played park?" She immediately knew that was wrong and erased it but she was less confident and confused now. The next question was "where did they play?" She looked at the paper and looked at me and was lost. I redirected her back to where the answer was in the paragraph and with that one on one help she did just fine with me just helping her look in the right spot she found the answer.  In the classroom it is impossible for her to get that kind of stand by help.

We also finished writing the sentences for her spelling words. She tries to put together a sentence for the word and I write the sentence down and then she copies down the sentence. The process of thinking of a sentence and then writing that sentence is too much she gets confused and the words get all jumbled.  Forming the sentence is difficult for her too.  Some words she knew right away a sentence for them but others it was kind of like the play ball at the park thing, the concepts are close and she seems to get confused and then she realizes she is confused and just kind of stops. 

We did a practice test of her spelling words but for whatever reason this time I just had her spell them to me verbally. She got all twelve right! I noticed that if I made eye contact with her (which she readily does at this point in time) it seemed to distract her, as if her brain switched from focusing on the words to focusing on me. Unable to do both at the same time maybe? So I would say the word while looking at her and then casually look away from her, I have become really good at seeming distracted. She stumbled and had to think hard but she got them all right. Last week she got a 55 on the test.

In addition to the teacher being confused as to why this kid struggles to copy down the correct answer off the over head on to her own paper I am wondering if this is related to dysgraphia maybe? She has always had writing difficulty and continues to confuse b, d, and p. They are all the same shape they just point in different directions. She is better at it now but she seems to guess which letter of those three would go in the particular word at hand.  

On to the Winter Humor:


hadassahrose said...

Sounds like you lead a very busy life!

I found your blog while hopping from one to another.

Peace, and merry Christmas!

Jeri said...

Oh thank you for the winter humor..needed it. Wish my son could be bribed with a pack of cards.

Mom 4 Kids said...

Hugs Jeri, if those cards would work for you I'd send you a case. Asperger's we find is a mixed blessing and challenge. Because his thinking is so literal and so ridged sometimes that works to an advantage. Sometimes, other times he puts holes in my walls.

marythemom said...

I have mirror dyslexia, caught by my mom (who also has dyslexia)when I was very young. She taught me lots of little tricks, but one of my favorites was for keeping my b and d facing the right direction. it's easy if you can spell bed. When the letters are facing the right direction it makes a little bed. If you get the letters facing the wrong way it doesn't make a deb, ded, beb... bed. See the pillows are facing the wrong way they have to be facing in. You can do it with your fingers too, by making the b and d letters with your fingers - very visual. A great way to learn it pdq (pretty darn quick)!

Mary in TX