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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Day 6 on the RAD planet W.O.D. - I think

I think this is day 6, if not close enough.

Miss M was up last night from 2 AM on.  She has a lovely little talent in that she can make herself throw up.  Apparently she had some drainage going on and that just added to her cause and viola.  No fever, she ate like a champion at dinner, and requested dessert, no evidence of real illness.  It is so hard to know for sure.  She woke up at 2 AM and went to the potty and then reported that her pants were wet.  Which came first?  I'm not totally sure because at 2 AM I am not at my best, I'll be honest.

I think that this may be related to Dad not being here.  Dad calls every evening around our dinnertime and talks to Miss M and whatever other kids want to talk, the two boys are fickle.  Sometimes they want to talk and sometimes not.

I sent an e-mail to Miss M's teacher explaining the night and lack of sleep in the even that she had a sleepy 6 year old on her hands and wondered why.

Mr. C is not behaving well at all.  He also had his behavior marker moved in class yesterday.  Normally my two challenging children have excellent behavior in school.  So when either of them starts acting up at school it is a sign of just how much they are struggling. 

I am awaiting feed back from his teacher on the matter and am considering giving the psychiatrist a call.  I know that there are several students in his class who are acting up badly and that is very disruptive to him, that in addition to Dad being gone and it is just hard to know exactly what is upsetting his apple cart.

Mr. C age 3, Big Sis age 6, Miss m age 3

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jessica bear said...

What a sweet picture! Can you believe how fast time flies sometimes? (Well, except for when Dad is away!) Speaking of...Dad owes you big-time, huh? How about a girls weekend??? Hint hint :) We could meet up in SC? Just a thought...:)