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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Day 1 - WOD (without Dad)

So yeah Dad is in Hawaii and that leaves the Loo Loo Crew foot lose and fancy free on our own and in search of which adult is in charge.

Day 1 went okay. Miss M had multiple mood swings if you will but pulled up instead of crash and burn, always the preferred plan. We were out and about and had forgotten her mid-day med. I looked at Nan and Nan at me and as I said, "Do you think we should go home for the med?" Miss M broke lose with a angry crying jag. So yeah I made a beeline for the house and we picked up the meds and administered the mid-day dose.

From there we did a little thrift store shopping. Each kid had $3.00 of their money they could spend and the money was in pennies and various coins mainly. It started out all good because the casher is a sweet little lady who counts in Spanish, but then the line started backing up and the other customers were not so into my kids using their various earned coins. Not to mention I had my own cart full O treasure, arrrrr.

I was nice though because after my last kid counted their pennies and nickels for their bits of stuff I let the next few folks in the line check out a head of me and my cart O crap stuff. Sniff sniff get the tissues it's a tearjerker moment at the GW with my random act O kindness. The O would be so proud of me!

Miss M purchased yet another horse. Mr. C hit the jackpot and found a Mario as in Mario Super Brothers, a journal, a mini beanie bear and a coin purse with a string on it for his lunch money on Fridays - Yes! Winner!

Lil Bro picked out a truck. It was a tractor-trailer style truck that really hauls hot wheel cars, I was so impressed! He came home and stuffed a train in there that clearly did not fit but that's another story. We nearly had a dilemma in deciding on a pair of Spiderman shoes or the truck. I said, "Which one buddy you pick, truck or shoes?" The Nanster said, "He isn't going to get what you are asking him. You know this right?" My smart 3 year old said, "Truck!" And proceeded to pull off the Spiderman shoes and hand them to me. And I was all like, "Ha! Don't under estimate the toddler dude! Cause he rocks!"  That and we have totally had that discussion in the GW a few times and he knows when Mama says pick she means it and you are not leaving with both items.

Big Sis was packin the big bucks and was able to by a scooter for $6.00 and yet another stuffed Chihuahua dog with a sweater. Thank goodness she found that because that is EXACTLY what we need, another stuffed animal. Will they never catch on that I go through the stuffed animals every few months and donate them to the GW? Such is the circle of life.

We also made a stop by the Steak and Shake. Kids eat free on Saturday with every $8.00 you spend, so we also got shakes!

The only thing better than a little Loo Loo in your day is when you sugar them up!  (btw that is chocolate chips in Miss M's teeth if you enlarge the pic)

For dinner we went to the frozen food isle and Mom let the kids pick which dinner they wanted.  They were totally cool with that.  The Nanster and I had corn dogs, loaded potato skins and a salad for dinner.  I think when the Hubs reads this he is going to know that leaving me in charge was probably not the way to go.

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