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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Day 2 - WOD (without Dad)

Sunday went okay all in all.  The Nanster and I decided to be industrious and finish grouting the living room for the Hubs.  He really may think twice before leaving me in charge again.  hee hee

Here I am hard at work.

The Nanster at work.

We finished it up this evening while the kids watched a video.

Notice in the pics that we are working directly next to the couch; this is where Miss M was (and Big Sis and Mr. C too most of the time)

We took the kids to Golden Coral for a late lunch.

This is Lil Bro not wanting to cooperate with the photo taking.

Following the Golden Pig Out we went to Wal-Mart for a few things for the kids lunches tomorrow. I suggested that we all pick out soup for dinner and so they picked out Spongebob soup and Princess Spaghetti O's. They also rented another DVD from the Red Box at Wal-Mart.

Let me just say that Mr. C has been a toot all day. He had a major tantrum and assaulted Nan. I dealt with the tantrum and video taped so that Mr. CBA can review it Tuesday. Mr. C had been non-stop machine gun style verbally harassing me through out the store because of his lack of ability to find a Red Box DVD that he wanted to watch. It wasn't fair, I never let him do anything, on and on blah blah blah etc. The whole perseverating on it thing as Mr. CBA calls. I call it pain in the butt syndrome but whatever.

As we were leaving the store he wanted to go back to Red Box for a DVD. I said, "Did you earn a DVD with your behavior in the store?" He said, "Why do you always answer my questions with your questions?" Cause I am a trained Mama that's why!

Anyway, he and Nan walk ahead of the rest of us and the sticker lady at the Wal-Mart says, "Do ya'll want a sticker?" I honestly wanted to slap her but I did not because that would not be Christian of me plus the whole video camera evidence thing. So she gives one to Big Sis, Miss M and Lil Bro. Lil Bro is not impressed and gave his to Big Sis because honestly she was the person closest to him. Miss M says, "That's not fair!" I said, "What's not fair?" "She has two stickers." I say, "Why does she have two?" "Because Lil Bro gave her his." "Right. So what's not fair?" At which point she gave me the quiet mad look and I moved forward toward the van where we found Mr. C nearly melting down and still perseverating on the whole DVD situation.

Anyway we all got in the van. The house is less than a mile away. We drive into the driveway and Big Sis has been singing some song on the radio and Miss M is trying to sing along too. In the past she did lots of things to simply annoy others but that is not what she was doing this time. She was being six, she admires her big sister and she wanted to sing along too. Big Sis decided that now was the perfect time to be 10 and tell Miss M that she "can't sing." We all remember that the sticker thing was 7 minutes ago at the Wal-Mart? So Miss M is ready to rage. She starts the angry crying and a scream session all at the same time followed immediately by stomping the back of the seat in front of her. We all move forward with unloading the grocery bags and I have the key to the house so I start directing the bag carriers to place the bags by the front door. I get on the phone to call the CBA who lives near by just in case he might be available to stop by because we now have Mr. C and Miss M going at it in the front yard at the same time and the only thing better than a melt down is a double melt down. I look at Nan and whisper we are not opening the front door we are going to take a walk because if we go in that door it's all over and the holes in the wall are going to start and we don't have The Hubs here to do CPI is need be. She said, "Right."

So I announced, "Come on everybody we are going to take a walk, hooray!" And I start heading down the street. Miss M stomps and protests but quickly starts to follow when I say, "Come on we are going for a walk." With in 30 seconds her brain switches back to positive and she wants to say sorry to Big Sis. I said we would take care of that in a minute because Big Sis was up ahead of us. In reality Big Sis needed to apologize for the rude comment that started the whole thing.

Mr. C is complaining, "I don't like to walk. My leg hurts. I can't believe we are out here walking when it looks like it is going to rain. Have you ever thought about it raining on us? What are we going to do if it rains on us?" To which I said, "Then we'll get wet but that's okay because you are not made out of sugar so you won't melt." He continued on and on and by this time we had walked a few blocks. I let Mr. C know that if he was not able to be all done with his complaining before we got back to the house then he would get to take another lap around the neighborhood with Mommy. He said, "I do not want to walk around this neighborhood all all day. Can you hear me Mom?" So I said, "Well then you better stop the complaining dear." Before we made it around the last leg of our lap toward the house he had become interested in something that Big Sis was talking about and he knocked it off. We all went into the house and preceded on with bath time and he kept a lid on it the rest of the evening and so did Miss M. Mr. C said, "How am I doing now? Aren't I doing better with my behavior now?"

So all in all a productive day and no one raged.

The end.

Here is a sweet pic of my baby blogger assistant who wandered out of his room where he was supposed to be sleeping.



J. said...

my kids would so love to be at your house when Dad is away! looks like you are all going to survive as long as mama has a chocolate stash ( or whatever your vice is)

SanitySrchr said...

You are incredibly strong!! Great job!

Mom 4 Kids said...

Thanks J. and Sanity Srchr!

Yes chocolate and WAY too much coffee!

jessica bear said...

Okay, I'm taking notes now...a walk...AWESOME IDEA!!! I think I may have to try this one - so simple, yet so effective! I have a whiner and complainer on my hands and sometimes I just don't even know what to do...even trying to change the subject and distractions don't cut it - but a walk...hmmm...this may be the ticket...Thanks Dawn!!!
And I'm glad to see you are still surviving and not seething with envy at your hubby in HAWAII! Your look-at-the-bright-side attitude never ceases to amaze me!
Love you and miss you ((hugs))

Mom 4 Kids said...

Don't worry Jess I'm not all sugar and spice, from now to the end of time all I have to say is "Alooooha" and Mr. Hawaii knows he doesn't have a leg to stand on. Hee hee, kind of evil when you think about it. ;-)