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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Roger That, The Eagle Has Landed

Dad is home and back on duty!

He has some beautiful pictures from his journey but they are all trapped in his laptop so I will have to wait until I have access to that computer to post those. It was a reminder of just how BIG he owes me! :-)

Yesterday I posted about the Talkies and V/V program with Lindamood-Bell. I went by and saw my teacher friend and got the manual and dove right in and started making notes and then Miss M came home with a note from the teacher that read as follows:

Dear Parents,

I am so proud of your child Miss M and pleased to announce that she raised her reading and comprehension level from a level 2 to a level 6 (grade level is level 6). She also raised to a green level which is the top level on the Fair Reading Test.

Thank you for all that you do at home to help with your child's education. It is a pleasure to work with your child.

Mrs. Teacher

So that's great news that she is doing better but honestly what is with the dag-gum inconsistency? Literally one week I receive the she may be retained talk and the next week the note home saying how great she is doing.

She has been getting assistance with the inclusion teacher for reading and following our IEP meeting the teacher was instructed to give Miss M 20 to 30 minutes of individual help in the classroom daily. That is super because I think she needs one on one instruction and maybe her improved scores are a reflection of the one on one help. My concern is the one on one instruction is not part of the IEP, it is simply being done of the schools choice. So she needs the help but there is nothing to legally hold them to the help that she is getting. With out the help she is lost in class but I am concerned that since she has tested so well on this latest set of test that she is not going to qualify for any resource services as was indicated during the IEP meeting.

Any who, what to do? I am going to do what I can to use the talkies program at home with her, it can only strengthen her skills, and hope for the best! Also we may need to find the money to have her evaluated independently.


Jeri said...

All your "boys" look so sweet all konked out like that. Love that the little Mr. has the remote on his chest.

J. said...

I am glad to hear that he made it home safe and sound. I am sure that they are all glad as well. As for the school piece, as a teacher my bells go off a bit when kids start to fall behind but I would let her get through this year and into next before I try to find the pennies to get her assessed because sometimes they just need a bit of time to figure how they learn best - visual, auditory, etc. and once they start to figure that out they take off and catch up to everyone else. Working with her at home is the best thing that you can do for her.

Mom 4 Kids said...

I know Jeri, cute right? I walked in to check on how things were going and there they were remote and all - precious!

J, thanks for the input. I like to here from the Moms who are also educators. :-)