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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Who's a Jerk?

Here is a funny little tidbit from Miss M. 

She was in the bath the other night and as I came to get her out she said, "What's a jerk?"  I said, "A jerk is a person that is mean to others, kind of selfish and does not make good choices."  I was trying to use words that I knew she should be able to comprehend, the jaw dropped at what she said next.  "Oh yeah I'm a jerk.  Sometimes."  So matter of fact I really had to hold it in not to go into hysterics.  But I followed with, "Well you are working hard to make good choices now, right?"  She agreed that yes she was. 

Gotta love first grade and the words they are getting exposed to, I guess!

Miss M and Mom 9-19-2005, Gotcha Day (age 2 1/2 yrs)


The LaBelle Family said...

That's too funny! and she's an honest little girl! What a hoot! It sounds like you're really beginning to build a better relationship with Miss M and that pleases me very much, as I'm sure it does you all. I'm happy for you. How's Mr. C doing, now that dad is home?

PWNort64 said...

Yep, I'm loving the 1st grade vocabulary. While he may be bringing home the undesirable words, though, he's also expanding his vocabulary in a good way. He spent several minutes last night explaining to me how "fragile" eggs are.

Mom 4 Kids said...

Way to go Henry!

LaBelle Family, yes she can be a hoot for sure!

Mr. C is still problematic although he is clearly happy that things are in order in his world now that Dad is home again. We are working with the Behavior Analyst on the matter and it appears time to reformulate our plan as to how to help Mr. get his act back on track! More to come on that for sure!

jessica bear said...

Too funny!! Last night, Kylie was in the bathroom and Dave and I were sitting in the living room and we hear her loudly exclaim "Oh my gosh! What is going on back there?!?!" She piqued our curiosity, so we asked her what happened - she said "I don't know, but I gotta lot of pooping going on back here! Look at that!" hahahaha
Kids say the funniest things!