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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Psychiatrist Appointment

Today we had our visit with Dr. Psychiatrist, we also had Mr. CBA join us as this was his regularly scheduled time any who. Didn't do that on purpose but it worked out well.

Mr. is STRUGGLING. He has little to no frustration tolerance; we are trying to get his meds adjusted to help the poor child out. At the same time we have gone back to basics with behavior and he is on a earning program for his scheduled Wii time (the thing that motivates him at the moment). If he becomes aggressive then he does not earn his next Wii time. He wants the Wii time so he is trying really hard to not become aggressive. This is priority #1 because he has the physical ability to hurt the Mommy.

This morning was not a good morning for Mr. He has decided that school should be all done, he's done. In order for his 7 am Wii time to start he must get dressed for school so his dilemma was that he did not want to go to school and he felt oh so strong about this but he did want his Wii time so which way would he go? 5 minutes before he walked out the door he finally got dressed and got those last few minutes of Wii time.

Afternoon pick up from school was fine; he had already completed his homework so that was a plus. 3:30 Wii time was earned. 4:15 I had to pack up the troops, pick up Miss M from aftercare and head to the Psychiatrist appointment. This all went well, Miss M came b-bopping along happy as a lark and the drive to the office went well. We arrived and went right on back at 5 pm with Mr. CBA in tow.

So it was Me, Big Sis, Lil Bro, Mr. C, Miss M and Mr. CBA piling into the doctors office. Within the first 30 seconds Mr. C and Big Sis want the same little people animals that are in the room and Lil Bro grabs his crotch and announces, "Needs to Pee!" Dr. Psychiatrist thanked him for the announcement and Mr. CBA offered to take him to the potty (yes the man is officially family at this point). And so Mr. C demands the little people animals and Big Sis is not willing to relinquish all of them in fact she only wants to relinquish the ones she wants to relinquish and so there was that noise that two fighting cats make and Wham-O Mr. scratches Big Sis who quickly scratches him back and begins crying as if her arm has been amputated. I say, "No fighting over the toys" and Dr. Psychiatrist says, "If there is anymore fighting over the toys which includes yelling and hurting the toys go away. Does everyone understand?" Silence. "Does everyone understand me?" Happy hyper Miss M yells out, "I understand!" Dr. Psychiatrist says, "Great Miss M understands does anyone else understand?" They all say yes.

He looks at me and is noticeably flustered and says, "And so this is your life." I said, "Yes it appears that you get to see them in all their glory."

By this time Mr. CBA and Lil Bro return from the potty followed by the Hubs and Nan who have both arrived. Yes that is a lot of people in a little office room. Mr. is pacing the room with his jaw set and the other kids are playing with the toys in the room. The psychiatrist tries to talk to Mr. and he is uninterested and avoids the conversation. Mr. has never engaged the psychiatrist in conversation. I mention that unless the conversation is of interest to him he doesn't want to participate. The psychiatrist talks about Mario Brothers game (interest button has been pushed). He says, "How many Mario Brothers are there?" So Mr. answers and they have a short conversation. He talks to CBA about his input and he confirms the aggression and the "behavior shaping" program that we are on with Mr.

Miss M was happy and hyper which is a far cry from the child she used to be during these visits. He looks at her in amazement of how far she has come from the child that would be screaming and attacking her Mom and so on.  When she wasn't playing with the toys she was up on my lap given me hugs and chit-chatting.

So we arrive back home and put dinner together and fill Mr. CBA in on the week. He and Mr. go for their talk and Mr. keeps wandering out of the room and on one of the wanders he says, "Mr. CBA seems be much nicer today." It was hilarious because he said it right in front of the man and we all burst out laughing. Mr. was confused as to what the laughter was about.

He unraveled at bedtime because he had trouble leaving the project he was working on. He was very angry and grabbed and pulled my hair. I took his hands in mine and warned him that he would not earn his morning Wii time if he continued to be aggressive and then I walked away from him and directed him to bed. He followed me to his room but he was not in a good way. He was so frustrated that he began to attach himself. He scratched his face and arms and started pounding himself with his fist. I took his hands in mine and used a low tone of voice and said, "Mom is going to help you, you are going to be okay." And he said, "You hate me because I am bad." I said, "You are having trouble right now but I do not hate you and I am going to help you." He crawled into my lap and cried. Not long after that he got into bed and did fall asleep quickly.

See ... Loo Loo Land.


The LaBelle Family said...

And, so, another day in the life and times of....oh, this is real life, isn't it? I'm sorry. Wish I could help. I do continue to pray for you all, sis. Hang in there.

SanitySrchr said...

Oh girl, you've got your hands FULL! Praying for Mr. (and the rest of the family, too).

PWNort64 said...

Wow, some of that sounds SO familiar. I know each child is unique, so take this for whatever it may be worth to you. I have found that when my DS knows right from wrong, the warnings just give him the opening to misbehave. If he knowingly does something he knows is wrong, there is no warning. This has been much more effective as he gets a consistent response to his testing behavior. When I give him a warning, the old adage "give him an inch and he'll take a mile" kicks in.

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Great post though. I don't have a lot of time to comment but wanted to tell you that!