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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

And The Beat Goes On

As I start this post the 3 year old is licking the sliding glass door while pushing the button on his Thomas The Tank Toy that plays that theme song over and over again. "Do-do-do-do-dadat-da" ... It seems as if I should jump into action but the dilemma is that he is keeping himself occupied and I have 2 minutes to collect my thoughts. Since I'm still typing I guess it is obvious which way I have gone with this dilemma. He's building his immune system.

Well, Miss Miss crashed and burned yesterday morning but today was better. She has entered into the I do not want to go to school phase of the school year because we are doing real work and after the whole stealing candy thing the candy bucket has left the classroom too. Miss was not actually doing the stealing of the candy but she may have been a mastermind in the situation, I can't say for sure. We will use the word alleged mastermind. Here's the explanation, "J steals candy from the candy bucket and he gives me some too." Oh, kay. So yeah we had a talk about that but not long after, a few weeks ago in fact, J got caught and Mrs. Teacher apparently did away with the candy bucket. I am really glad about it because the amount of candy Miss was coming home with was ridiculous.

I have not addressed the candy story with the teacher because Miss is precious and misunderstood you know. I'm the big bad Mom who wants to find fault where there isn't any and so anything I share falls on deaf ears. I feel confident that I have warned what to watch for and beyond that I stay out of the dealings of the classroom. We are not at a point where I can even consider home schooling Miss so ...

Yesterday morning Miss decided that she was not going to school, so she was not going to get dressed, and she felt particularly strong about these facts. Wham-O time! RAGE. There is a difference between what I describe as a tantrum and being enraged. A tantrum here is when anyone of them is melting down because they want their own darn way or they don't want to do X or whatever. Rage involves violence of some sort and loss of their mental where a bouts. It's like watching a transformation that happens very quickly. The violence is going to take on a life of it's own until/unless it is physically blocked, the person is sweating profusely, eyes glazed over and disconnected from reality and full of anger and fear, verbal garbage is spilling forth, property destruction, spitting and or other bodily fluids may be involved such as pee or vomit.

Miss was late to school and Dad had to take her. We talked about what went wrong and what she could have done different and how that would have worked out better. We all understand that she does not want to go to school; I didn't either as a kid.

Did the tantrum keep you from going to school?


And today went much better so maybe she is getting the train back on the tracks. I talked at length with the CBA yesterday explaining how things had been going. We all agree that Mom and Big Sis both being sick has probably rocked her boat.

BTW thanks for all the suggestions and comments as to what might be going on with Miss. Our best guess at the moment is that Mom and Big Sis being sick has emotionally trigger fear which triggers anger. Time will tell, I guess.

I am happy to report that Mr. is doing AWESOME! He is super loving and cuddly, he even hugged the CBA last night and asked to go visit his house. He has responded well to help when things are not going right. For instance yesterday he really wanted to use Dad's laptop and the answer was no because Dad had leave to go take care of a $600 problem with my van. Mr. was very frustrated and started to get angry. A reminder about how he was working to earn his next Wii time and a suggestion on what he could do instead and he responded really well. :-0 Holy Cow!

In other news Big Sis and I are knee deep in Science Project stuff and Lil Bro has decided to piggy back on some of Miss' behaviors.  And that's news to me!

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I remember trying to explain to a 2nd grade teacher that my sweet darling smiley child had sticky fingers. I was being overly critical and not giving my child a chance at success. Boy was she pissed when she turned around one day and found that sweet child in her desk drawer going through her purse. She finally 'got her' :)