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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Crack crack cracking up!

Mr. had himself a meltdown freak out last night and in the process cracked Nana’s thumb when she tried to help Mama out. I have explained to just stay back, I’m okay and I have learned to keep my fingers away from him (after he cracked my pinkie earlier in the winter.) Poor Nana! She is so worried that he is going to hurt me she just can’t help herself.

As kids get bigger it certainly does get trickier to handle their physical attacks. Mr. is a solid 65 lbs at this point and strong as an ox, especially when he is in that state of mind.

In part the start of this thing was my own stupidity. I got lazy. I know that he has behavior reactions (aggression) to food dyes and in particular yellow # 5 and #6 and red #40. I ran out of the clear benadryl and so I gave him the red benadryl doubting once again whether this food dye thing was real or just my imagination.

Note to self – it is real and please stop giving the kid the stuff on occasion when you run out of non-dyed whatever and are too lazy to drive down to the Pharmacy which is a ½ mile from your house. Over and out.

In addition the kids toe nails needed to be trimmed. His big toenails were putting holes in his socks, it was time. He has sensory issues, which truly make this an unpleasant experience. I respect that. He also does not like haircuts but he has learned to get through it because it is something that must me done. I explained that I was only going to cut the big toe nails for tonight, heaven knows it would be unthinkable to do all 10 nails at once. He really gave me a fit about it and likely that was exacerbated by the red dye #40 but I didn’t think of that at the time. I persisted in needing to trim the toenails and we did get it accomplished but he got himself mighty worked up in the process and he proceeded to freak/flip out. It was dessert time and he proceeded to demand that I get his dessert in a most not nice way. I told him I would be happy to get his dessert as soon as he decided to ask respectfully. I think he would have rather severed his own arm than ask me respectfully at this point. He refused, he screamed like a crazed banshee, “Get me that dessert NOW!!!” His brain flipped over to kill mode and he was looking to do harm and harm he did do, but we survived. And Mommy had a refresher course in Red dye #40.

Mr. had to see the ENT on Thursday and he will be having his adenoids out in 3 to 4 weeks. That should be interesting. He has never had surgery and if toenail trimming is not your thing I am imagining prep for surgery is not going to be your thing either. Blood draws are … eventful experiences so an IV is probably going to be … challenging. It usually takes 4 or 5 adults and a burrito wrap to accomplish a blood draw for Mr. I wonder how many people an IV will take? Ah memories. We will be a making them.

Dr. ENT asked me if Mr. had ever put anything up his nose. Not to my knowledge. I asked Mr. to which Dr. ENT said, “He’s not going to tell you.” He said I’d be surprised what he finds up noses. I’m sure that I would be, it isn’t a subject I had devoted even one second of thought to before this moment I can assure you. Happy hunting.

photo by Nasa - Eye of God


J. said...

I hope Nan's finger is okay, Calvin broke P's toe last year... I hear ya!

The LaBelle Family said...

Oh, MY Goo'ness!!! Poor Nan! Please give her my condolences and hope that she feels much better soon. I am so sorry. :(

GB's Mom said...

Praying for healing for all that need it

Jules said...

You know what's weird? The vitamin C I take (Nature Made brand) contains red 40, blue 1, and yellow 6. I just noticed it today after reading your post.

Jules said...

Hey, maybe you can trim all 10 toenails when he's knocked out for surgery! ;) :D

Lisa said...

Healing to all of you. Extra big hugs just for you. :)

Taz's Mama said...

oh boy. good luck with surgery. we've done 2 surgeries with Taz and they were disastrous. his last one was just a month ago and he was "off" for a good week and a half after. he had his adenoids out the first time. then his tonsils and adenoids (again) out this last time. we knew he had a bad reaction coming out of anestestia after the first time. he ripped out his IV, kicked the nurses, but he calmed down after i held him for a little while. this time, it was not so good. he was so strong and wouldn't calm down even after 2 doses of morphine. so they called the anestesiologist down to give him some valium. that helped. but it was traumatizing for him and triggered some sleep issues and nightmares. plus we stopped his medication for a few days because he wasn't eating and complaining of belly aches. so. just brace yourselves. your son might be really off for a while even after surgery. especially if it triggers some trauma. but i wish you the best!