The Crew - Miss Fabulous, Lil Bro, Big Sis and Mr. Man

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Funny and Embarrassing

First I want to report that Nan’s thumb is doing okay. She had it looked at and the joint is what cracked, it is swollen and so she has a nifty splint to immobilize it. Nan rocks!  Thank you for all the healing and supportive comments too!

A lot of funny and embarrassing things happen when you’re a parent.

For instance my OCD little Aspie likes to use Microsoft word on the computer but he calls it “Microscopic word” which is funny in it’s self but he also changes the zoom to about 500% which makes me wonder if he really does think the program is too small?

There certainly are some pluses to taking little boys potty in public. The no sitting required feature for one. But on occasion everyone has to sit to take care of business, if you know what I mean. Such was the case this past Friday when I had to take Lil Bro to the potty at Wal-Mart.

We have discussed before that I should avoid the Wal-Mart bathroom at all cost because things just don’t go right for me when I am in there but as life happens and I shop with kids and they always have to go potty, so… Lil Bro makes his move to sit on the potty at the Wal-Mart and I quickly use my ninja like Mom reflexes to keep his hind parts from touching said toilet and put the paper cover down. Shock upon shock but there actually was a paper cover available. I am thinking that Lil Bro has to do # 2 because why else would he sit? When he proceeds to pee all over my shoe, his sock and the floor. I hear myself saying, “What are you doing man? Hold it down!” All the while using my hand as a shield. He didn’t even have to do # 2!

I am not happy as I try to clean off pee from my shoe and his sock and gather paper towels to dry the floor with. This stuff is not in the parenthood handbook, ya know?

On a separate day Lil Bro and I visit a public potty. I take out a personal from my bag. Lil Bro looks at me with a “you have got to be kidding me face” and announces in his loudest voice, “Moooooom why you wearing your diaper for? Dat so silly! You a big girl you not wear a diaper!” He breaks into hysterical, little kid, fake laughter while holding his face in his hands. I am hushing and hissing at him to “stop that!” and “be quiet! shhhhh!”

The kids all help out with chores and Miss is kind of our self-appointed recycle person, Mr. is the trash guy, Big Sis handles the dish chore with great ability accept the other day she did get mixed up and put DAWN dish liquid in the dishwasher and the kitchen looked like the Freaky Friday movie (the first one).

Anyway apparently Miss is taking this recycle stuff pretty seriously. I went to throw a plastic spoon in the garbage this week and she looked at me with those ‘I’m watching you eyes’ and says, “You know that’s recyclable, right? It’s plastic and when something is plastic we are supposed to recycle it. Right?” Awkward pause and crickets chirping, “uhhhhhhhhh right sweetums.” Needless to say I fished said spoon out and disposed of it properly.



Jules said...

Oh man, Little Bro cracks me up! You need to get him on video for us or something! LOL!

J. said...

that is to cute, thanks for the giggles.

Corey said...

Oh my.. I got LOTS of laughs from this.. THANK YOU!!

GB's Mom said...

Some days you just have to laugh!

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Bah ha, the dreaded MOm diaper, LOL!

I love that Miss "we put recyling away...." Mmm hmmm Miss, what else do WE do?

Tara - SanitySrchr said...

Gotta love those embarrassing moments!!! :)

The LaBelle Family said...'s sooo good to hear about your sense of humor. You NEED that so desperately, with your brood. Thanx for the laughs. :)