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Friday, March 12, 2010

Little By Little

Yesterday I had a doctor appointment. It was scheduled for after I picked the kids up from school and so it ran into Mr.’s earned Wii time and also afternoon snack time. Aspies no likey deviation from the shed-shill.

I was called back to see the doctor and The Hubs took the boys in the waiting area and told them he would get them chips out of the machine for a treat. He was 10 cent short and Mom was nowhere around and Mr. began to unravel just a bit. Not long after I emerged and said that I had a dime. We put the money in and Lil Bro pushes the button for chips with dye in them, which Mr. can’t have. Game over! Mr. was done and ran to a corner of the room crying hysterically.

Never fear Mom with a dollar here! So I assured him there were other choices with out dyes and we would be okay. He was so darn cute; he started patting me with his hand and said, “You always know what to do Mom.” Man I wish every crisis was that easy to fix. And because I rock we made it home with 10 minutes of Wii time remaining! Yes!

Little Miss is still doing well. We have not had any morning issues for the past few days and she is doing better with dressing herself and following the no coming into the living room for playtime until you are dressed for school rule. This has been an issue with her for sure. She has literally run smack into me while rounding the corner trying to get into that living room before anyone sees her. It is amazing how their minds work. Once she gets into the living room then we get varying degrees of resistance and tantrums when she is directed back into her room to get dressed.

The rule is the same for every kid - do not come into the living room to play until you are dressed for school. If you need help getting dressed asked for help and you shall received help. Since she doesn’t want to go to school she doesn’t want to get dressed because getting dressed means school, can ya dig it?

We are weaning her off of the unneeded self-care help that she prefers. Cuddles and hugs and such are wonderful and there is no weaning off of those things but Miss likes attention in the form of ‘serve me’. She can do it herself and should do it herself but she’d rather Mom do it for her.

Any who we are getting there little by little and inch by inch.


GB's Mom said...

Glad it was a good week.

J. said...

inche by inch is such a great way to be sometimes.

The LaBelle Family said...

Fantastic!!! Keep it up, sis! :)

Lisa said...

The little increments of positive change can add up to huge change. Here's hoping there's more to come. :)