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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

More on Coodies and Such

Well I am up off my sick bed, thankfully. This was a nasty nasty flu. It started with your nose running like a faucet, I literally stuck tissue up each nose hole like a cork because the amount of blowing was unreal. The aches and pains and the fever and I thought I was so sick but I was wrong because then the tummy part of things took over and man oh stan it was ugly.

The nanster has started her round of the flu ew. She had to go and be fancy on us and threw in conjunctivitis. So if there were any doubts that our house was the Coodie House I think we can put those to rest, no? The CBA has missed two weeks in a row because I was afraid to let him in here.

Another plus is the weather is starting to get it's act together. Hooray! It actually feels like FL! And that means more time outside burning off energy. This afternoon Big Sis took her Chihuahua for a walk and the boys and I played outside. They played Mario Brothers and I got to be the character that poop scoped the yard, hee hee.

Miss seems to be settling back down as of yesterday and today. Monday she decided that she was not going to get a bath. You can tell that she has made that decision because it will be getting close to bath time and she will just sit down and go to sleep. Not a real sleep but a real good fake sleep. I am telling you the kid needs to be an actor, award winning no doubt.

So as soon as she went into sleep mode we said that it was bath time and let's get that done so that we can move on to dessert (motivator). Nope. So it took a little while and she came very near to a complete rage but didn't. We kept focusing on moving forward and she locked us out of the bathroom. I said, "That's super sweetie, I totally agree. You are almost 7 and totally capable to wash yourself with no help at all. Go ahead and hop on in the bath water and start scrubbing." She was fussing and mad but I heard her get in the bath water and sure enough some kind of washing was taking place. She said, "Mom I'm washed." I was still locked out so I asked if she could get her towel and she did. She came out and I praised her for being such a big girl to wash herself and what a good idea that was that she had. I love reverse psychology when it works.

But as I said she seems back on track. She does not like for Mom to be sick or anything that makes Mom unavailable to her. I feel sure that fear of abandonment is triggered during those times and of course that comes out in all kinds of yucky behaviors.

Speaking of behavior I am wondering if the intern in Miss' class is getting her number. Big Sis said to me today, "I saw Miss sitting on the time out mushroom again at recess." When Big Sis is going from one activity to the next she passes by the area where the first graders have recess. Hey wait a minute, again? What do you mean again? Big Sis informed me that Miss was sitting on the time out mushroom yesterday and she saw her there again today.

I asked Miss what was up and to my surprise she was completely innocent of all charges. I can't imagine. The other person was talking to her and she was telling them to stop and she got into trouble. I asked her if Mrs. Teacher or Ms. Intern put her in time out and she said, "Ms. Intern because she always tries to yell at people." Things that make you go hmmmm?

Mr. had a good day today. Yesterday was tricky but hey that's what we are here for. He gets stuck on something, he sees things the way he sees them and period the end that's all she wrote. When the universe will not bend to his will he tends to get irritated. He failed to earn a Wii time and by the next Wii time he had things a bit more under control. He said that he was sorry for his behavior all on his own and gave Mom hugs and love and even a card that he made.

Lil Bro is a little hunk of sweetness and is amazing and smart and so much fun to hang out with all day.

So far Dad has managed to avoid our coodies but it is only a matter of time, we will get him yet.

And that's news to me!


Lisa said...

Hoping everyone stays coodie free. We had them here for about 3 months and it was not fun. Blech.

GB's Mom said...

Glad everyone is starting to settle in. Hoping you don't get sick again and the cooties stay away from us.

J. said...

get better! The weekend is coming.

SanitySrchr said...


Hope you're feeling better!