The Crew - Miss Fabulous, Lil Bro, Big Sis and Mr. Man

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Medication Station

Well even the dog is on antibiotics.  Daisy the dog developed a cough and $120 later we had a prescription for antibiotics.  She takes it well with cheese and is getting into plenty of mischief so we aren't concerned.

Lil Bro does not take his antibiotics well.  The pediatrician has "trained" me on how to administer the antibiotic, it doesn't work.  He waits until the antibiotic is in the back of his throat then gargles it and spits it out at me then he bites the syringe.  I called the pediatrician and we decided to go with the chewables.  That is working out better.

Mr. gets his adenoids out on Monday and I am feeling a little nervous.  I am confident in the surgeon but Mr. has never had anesthesia and we have no family history to tell us if it could be a problem so we have to just hope for the best.  We discussed the other meds that Mr. is on and everything is cleared there.

Big Sis is feeling much better and she and I are off today to have her earned reward from achieving straight A's, she choose to have the day with Mom!

The Fabulous Miss M is off for a mini vacation at Grandma's house.  She is thrilled!  She is also doing well at the moment stability wise.  It is hard to imagine that a 1/4 mg increase can make a difference but it has, at least for now.


GB's Mom said...

It is amazing what that 1/4 mg can do! Congratulations to Big Sis on the straight As. Enjoy your day out.

Jules said...

I hope the surgery goes well and everyone starts feeling better soon. Lil Bro is so darn cute. Maybe you should give him his meds in some cheese too! :D

Cyndi said...

I have done the surgery thing far to many times and we do not have any history on any of our four adopted kids so the first few times it was really nerve wrecking but now it is pretty much the same old thing every time. I always have to tell myself that this kid is only being put through this to make them healthier or some how make their lives physically better for them.. With that is mind I can handle it one step at a time. It does not hurt a bit to have medical professionals who have a good understanding of kids who have special needs wither. You and Mr. will be in my prayers for success, hopefully with not to much drama.

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

The dog takes her pills but the kid doesn't? LOL! Hope all goes well for the surgery!