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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mrs. Teacher called ...

dunt dunt daaaaaaaa

My first reaction was a ringing in my ears and earths gravity seemed to get stronger just for a moment. "Mrs. Loo-Loo this is Mrs. Teacher." Gulp! A million panicked thoughts ran through my mind all at once, like whatever she has done at school was so bizarre that Mrs. Teacher felt better to call me at home off the record or it has come to the schools attention the Miss M is stealing lunch money from other kids and threatening their loved ones if they tell or ... you get the idea. In that brief 2 second pause what ran through my mind had me running scared!

So why did Mrs. Teacher call? To recruit me and The Hubs to volunteer at the spring fling this Saturday. Awkward pause with insect chirps in the background, Uhhh yeah okay we can do that. Because I could not come up with a proper excuse fast enough, darn! I mean I am so proud and glad to be able to support my child's class and school in this way. (big toothy grin)

Our dear Nan had carpal tunnel surgery Tuesday and is at home recovering. She is doing well and hopes to benefit greatly from this procedure. I got to be the "responsible adult" in charge of her care. The surgery center began to question that when I passed out as they talked about the surgery. So embarrassing! Here is poor Nan with her wrist all bandaged up and the staff is getting me a cup of juice and trying to get me to snap out of it. I made the statement that it is obvious I could not handle all the attention she was getting.

And while Nan and I were getting surgery and passing out guess who was in charge of the little Loo-Loos? That's right The Hubs and because Mr. Behavior Guy was already scheduled to be there he got assist Dad. They went to the park.

Then it was time for baths and Miss got upset because she wanted Mommy and Mr. got upset because he did not want a bath. When I came home Mr. Behavior Guy said, "All in all it went great and the outbursts did not last too long." I noticed that he had indicated there were plural outbursts to which he replied, "Oh yes, they both lost it. But they recovered quickly." Hooray for progress!

The ¼ mg med increase seems to be making a difference for Miss M. It would appear that all the issues are better coped with when the brain is working optimally.

Mr. C was struggling this afternoon. The Wii remote was not working properly and our living room computer is infected with a nasty virus. The Hubs is working to clear the computer of the virus but so far there has been no success. Those two changes in his universe sent him in a tail spin.

Miss M informed me today that H from school was mean and made her cry. I asked what happened apparently when I said, “Is that right?” To which Miss M replied that H had made her cry 2 times when she called her a bossy pants and a meany. I asked what she was doing when H called her those things and in short it seems that she was indeed being both a bossy pants and a bit of a meany. We gently reminded her to let the teacher take care of issues in the classroom because that is Mrs. Teacher’s job and that way other people will not call her names and hurt her feelings. She was done talking about this at this point in the conversation.

Poor thing, the dots do not connect for her that her behavior is offensive to other children. In her mind they truly are the mean one for calling her on what she was doing, “So and so always be mean to me when he tells on what I do.” No longer doing what she is being told on for never enters into the picture.
And that’s one to grow on!
In other news, Lil Bro has strep throat and needs to see the ENT about possibly removing his adenoids.  Mr. C's surgery is on Monday.  We did the blood draw on Monday, that went great - NOT!  But it got done and 1 wii points card later we were all doing fine.  

Big Sis is currently sleeping on the couch with a very yucky looking sore throat and it would be my guess that her strep throat is back/never really left.

In the last post we received sweet comments about how hugging our group appears and we all are but… I think that is a huge contributor to why everyone keeping getting sick. Oh well we are building up immune systems.


GB's Mom said...

Progress all around! The Loo Loos are doing well!

J. said...

Get better, all of you. I think it is that warm climate, there are less grms up here in the great white north - lol

Tara - SanitySrchr said...

UGH for the sickness!!!! Warmer weather is coming in full force so hopefully that will help with the sicknesses. Hopefuly everyone will be healthy again real soon!

Praying for ya!!!

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

HA- the school calling is funny cuz when it happened to me, I freaked out the same way, and it was because my husband kept going the wrong way dropping off our daughter.