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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring 2010 Photo Moments

Spring 2010

This one cracks me up, it has everyone captured in their true self.


So we are all dressed up and heading out for our service and I had everyone's outfit all picked out and Miss' outfit matched my outfit.  Guess who had a problem with the dress she had worn before without any complaints? 

At first my Mama heart felt hurt and I felt irritated at her.  Why can't I have this stinking dress moment without her sabotaging it?  And then I realized how I felt and changed it.  It's a dress, so what, she has other options, is it worth a bloody fit?  No!  Moving on.  There are some things that are worth the fit, they are what they are and they are not changeable and so go ahead and have a fit and we will just deal with it.  But not over a dress, not tonight.

I changed gears and said, "You know what it's a dress, it's no big deal and it is better that you feel comfortable tonight rather than wear the dress I picked for you.  Let's pick another dress out."  She looked at me so blankly like where did the fight go?  She quickly picked this other dress when I pulled it out because she really did not care about the dress, it is never about the dress.

I told her she looked just as pretty in that dress, smiled at her lovingly and truly meant it.  The look on her face was shame.  She said, "I'm sorry Mom, about the dress."  I told her it was fine and that she looked great, no problems. 

The rest of the evening went great.

Last night at bedtime, not so much.  But that's another story.


Tara - SanitySrchr said...

Gorgeous...simply gorgeous!

GB's Mom said...

Great job, Mom. Nice pictures, too.

Lisa said...

Beautiful family!

J. said...

great pictures, great Mama.

The LaBelle Family said...

Once again you've wowed me. Keep it up, sunshine! :)

Meg said...