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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Streptococcus, Fire Ants, Family Meals and Rages

Well life here was certainly interesting last week.  Big Sis has strep throat.  Friday Miss had to have some blood work done per her Psychiatrist orders. I had been putting it off since January and since she has an appointment with him in a few weeks now seemed the time to get it done. It was not good, never is. It is most definitely a trigger, trauma trigger I think, but definitely a trigger.

Nan met me with the other kids after the blood draw and we took everyone to breakfast. Our little patient got to choose the place to eat and she picked Hardee’s. After that we went to play at the park. The physical activity was doing her and everyone else good but the park was crowded and so the decision was made to move on to another park.

The Universe conspires against me and this time was no different. Mr. stepped in a fire ant mound as we approached the car. He is an allergy boy so his foot swelled to the size of a balloon. He was screaming and crying and we all hustled into the van and speed over to the Walgreen’s for Benadryl in all it’s forms. I switched vehicles with Nan and took Mr. home and she was going to stay on task and take the other 3 kids to the second park. We all communicated these facts, all the kids said, “Okay Mom.” However, Miss did not compute these facts and so when Mom left with Mr. and Nan proceeded on to the park Miss asked the question, “Is Mom and Mr. going to meet us at the park?” Nan said, “No, Mom and Mr. have to go home because of Mr.’s foot. Remember that Mom explained this to everyone and everyone said they understood?” Commence fit in the captains chair of the Mom Mobile.

Nan proceeded on toward the park and Miss knocked the fit off as they drove past the police station, sometimes it is all about location. She was trifling the rest of the day and we were all glad when her bedtime came but we survived.

Saturday Grandma and Paw Paw came to visit. Miss knew they were coming and put on her “company” demeanor. Well they weren’t coming for several hours at that point but I wasn’t going to tell her that because she has no concept of time and I was enjoying the company demeanor. I ran out to the store to pick up something to go with the dinner I had made. I was gone 20 minutes total. In that time all chaos broke loose here in Loo Loo Land.

Nan, Big Sis, and Miss were playing going fish as I left out for the store. 2 minutes later Miss become unhappy with Big Sis, words were exchanged, Nan got a phone call, Big Sis allegedly (we can neither confirm nor deny this) shot Miss a “mean look” across the table. This instantly enraged Miss who began assaulting the person closest to her, Nanny. Nan struggled to get Miss under control and sent Big Sis to fetch Dad who was in the shower. Dad had to exit the shower and dress at lightening speed so that he could get Miss into a safe situation. She bit her arm rather significantly and I chose to notify her teacher of the cause of the bruise on her arm, the one in the shape of her own teeth and mouth.
About 5 minutes into said rage our guests arrive, “Hey there, welcome do come in and make yourself at home. Or, take cover which ever would make you most comfortable.”

I returned home to a couch full of people with eyes the size of saucers and deer in headlights expressions. I don’t know why people don’t come and visit here more often? For one it’s always entertaining and for two it likely will make you feel better about your own home life.

After Miss had settled down and I had gone in to see her I told her to come and join us as soon as she was ready, no hurry and to take her time. She did not want to come out because she was embarrassed and realized that the visitors had heard her. After 15 minutes and she still had not emerged I went in to check on her and she was asleep. That’s a no can do at 3 in the afternoon so I woke her up and she was ready to come and join us. She looked down at her arm where she had bitten it and said that she wanted to put on her robe. She came out with her usual charming company demeanor but was unsure of herself, momentarily.

I am going to put a pause on my story for now and pick this back up a little later.  We have a meeting scheduled for this coming Friday with Mrs. Teacher, can't wait.  Stay tuned!


Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Well that sounds like a lovely day.

Fire ants- yow!

I should say though, it seems like it might be a good thing that Miss was embarassed about her fit in front of others.... knowing other people would hear her and react and form opinions. Caring about the effect on another person besides herself!

GB's Mom said...

Poor Miss M! At least she is aware enough to be embarrassed. That is progress. We have very few visitors also- only close family and friends that have seen meltdowns over the last 27 years. I would love to know how you made out with your Mrs. Teacher.

J. said...

we don't have fire ants, thank God for that. I am impressed to hear the Miss managed to pull it all togheter in the end but what a day!

J. said...
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Lisa said...

Fire ants are NOT my friend.
I am so waiting for the day when my youngest will be embarrassed by her behavior in public. Please tell me that it will come.....