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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dinner Out

The Hubs went fishing yesterday.  He caught the biggest fish of them all.

So my BFF Nanster and I took the kids out to dinner.  Nan and I have a theory that we are really Lucy and Ethel, but we aren't sure which is which.  First our waiter was a well meaning little guy but completely discombobulated.  He took our orders but when we noticed everyone around us getting food we thought perhaps he had not put our order in the computer.  hmmmmm?  He scurried around to scrounge up our food and in the process of dutifully refilling our drinks he knocked my drink into Nan's salad.  Poor wet pants Nan and poor doofy waiter guy who assured us that in 7 years of waiting tables this is only the 2nd time that has ever happened to him and he isn't even lying.

I think the same angels that shut the lions mouths for Daniel must have clamped my jaws shut too because how I refrained from calling him on that load is a mystery even to me.  I thought what an amateur!  I have a kid healing from RAD she can convincingly lie about something that you saw her do to the point that you must at least question your own sanity and vision.

We don't go out much and when we do it's always like this.  If the kids do well, as they did last night, then we get some goofy family with problems sitting right beside us or a hyperactive waiter who spills stuff on us.  Other peoples lives must be pretty boring!  hee hee


GB's Mom said...

Boring is something you will NEVER have to worry about :)

Lisa said...

I wonder what boring would like like? Somehow I have a feeling that we'll never know. ;)

Mom 4 Kids said...

I probably wouldn't like boring and that would probably lead me to find someone that needed rescuing and ... hey maybe that's how all this got started anyway? lol