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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Discovery Health Psych Week, Bipolar Kids

Discovery Health Psych Week, Bipolar Kids

Points of interest, the others all look good too but these are the ones that I have seen:

Bipolar Mysteries-Teresa
Bipolar Mysteries-Kristen

These kids were all familiar in some way with how their illness affects them and what we deal with here.  Something that I kind of wonder about is that even though I have seen video of other kids, labeled Bipolar and also labeled RAD, rage their rage has never been anything close to what we have dealt with from the Fabulous Miss M.  I'd be interested to hear if other Mom's have noticed the same thing?  Is it simply because these are kids and so there is caution as to what is published or what their parents allow to be published or is my kid the Gold Metal Winner for rages?


Crystal said...

I have a son who behaves just like these children do. I want so much to tell the parents to try Conserta. My son takes 27mg and is 8yrs old and 70lbs. They say he has Adhd. I still am not sure it's the right diagnosis but the medicine has cured all of his problems. Every one of them. When his meds start to wear off, the old him begins to return. I just hate to see people suffer so. I know exactly how they feel and concerta has been a true God send for us. I really did not even want to try it since I was not thinking he had Adhd, but within a few hours, I could see it was right for him. Anyone with a child like these, just try it for a couple days and see if it's what works for your child. I was very skeptical but needed help so badly, I tried it and wow... He's a whole new kids. He's happy and developing normally. I just had to tell other parents how well it worked for me, whatever they want to call his condition.

Crystal said...

You can e-mail me if you have any questions.

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

DANGIT, I saw those on my tv guide after they aired. I especially wanted to see the kids with bipolar. I'm sure they will re-air.
Yes, I notice that when a program tries to show a bipolar rage, I'm like, that's it? Where is the shrieking? The eternal wailing, the throwing/hitting/hating/whatever? I think they probably don't show the real stuff because these are kids, I mean they have to go to school the next day and such.
I SO wish my daughter had her son's success with meds!
Anyway, didn't mean to hijack your comments!

Mom 4 Kids said...

You can hijack my blog anytime!

Someone said that the next showing of the program is May 8.

That is awesome to hear Crystal! We have a similar feeling about Abilify and our daugther. Without it she is headed to the hospital.

J. said...

man those kids make Calvin look like a tasmanian devil, that being said he rages way less than he used to. I think that perhaps you are right about what they will air on TV, if that is a bad as it gets I would take those kids any day.

Rob said...

My daughter has raged all her life. We used to think that it was the terrible two but then it just continued... She is diagnosed bipolar and struggles between raging and depression and elation. I do not know how she keeps up with herself! She is medicated and VERY happy. This is not to say that all symptoms have subsided. I think just as anything else there is a spectrum. My husband is bipolar and certainly was as a child BUT he did not rage like she does.


Tara - SanitySrchr said...

I wish I would've known. I would've loved to have seen these shows!!! What time and what channel does it come on (assuming there are any shows left)??